Discover Which Box Set You Should Watch Next

Discover Which Box Set You Should Watch Next

Discover Which Box Set You Should Watch Next

It’s always a sombre moment when the end of your favourite TV show looms. Putting off that one last episode in fear of never knowing a single thing more about the characters you’ve seen more of than your own family for the past few months… or years.

Here at 8 Ball we’ve unearthed the saddening truth that 2015 has brought many of our favourite tv shows to an end.

Take Mad Men, for example – seven series’ of boozing, womanising, sordid affairs, copious amounts of cigarettes and the odd bit of advertising – gone, finito.


There’s also a hole in our hearts for the imminent finale of CSI. Fifteen years we’ve been hooked on the adventures of the crime scene investigators of the LVPD, and now the end is nigh. The show concludes this Sunday with a two hour long tv film finale, and whilst we can’t wait to see what happens, we’re feeling pretty bereft about another box set break up.

With other addictive shows, such as Parks and Recreation, Hannibal and Cougar Town, also finishing this year, we most certainly feel your pain.

But not all is lost, here at 8 Ball we can help fill that tv show shaped hole in your heart by finding you a new obsession.  Discover which box set you should watch next by taking our interactive quiz:

In less than a minute you’ll know what the perfect next TV show is for you – and this is all thanks to our highly sophisticated, innovative, cutting edge, state of the art, quiz app that is highly accurate and not at all arbitrary.

Long live the TV show marathon, better get your snacks and duvet at the ready.

Which tv box set will you be watching next?

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