Our Five Favourite TV Box Sets Of All Time

Our Five Favourite TV Box Sets Of All Time

Our Five Favourite TV Box Sets Of All Time

Is there really anything more comforting than a good box set? Whether it’s curling up with the curtains drawn in the grips of a deathly hangover, or reclining with a slice of pizza in the company of friends, there’s nothing quite like the escapism afforded by a classic TV box set.

And with Netflix, Sky, Amazon, Google, Apple and others all offering affordable streaming services, now is a fantastic time to start discovering this brilliant content.

We’ve already developed a web app to help you discover the next best box set to watch, but we also wanted to share our top 5 favourite box sets of all time.

Sons of Anarchy

It was billed as ‘Hamlet on a motorcycle’, and while that might be a bit of a stretch, there’s no doubting that the drama and violence set against a backdrop of Harley Davidson’s, gun running and prostitution made for compelling viewing. The 6.4 million people that tuned in for the shows finale was a testament to its quality.

The ‘SAMCRO’ (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) logo is now worn with pride by fans of the show all over the world – so show your allegiance to the club and get yours today.



The Wire

Although the gritty, sometimes slow paced nature of The Wire doesn’t lend itself to everyone’s tastes, it is still widely regarded as one of the most gripping, and best scripted TV shows ever made. Despite the cult following it has developed and the critical acclaim, it’s never won an Emmy or a Golden Globe – but if anything, this makes us like it more.

Big Bang Theory

The premise of the show is a simple one – 4 nerdy friends have their lives altered when the attractive blonde, Penny, moves into the apartment next door. Hilarity ensues as the group try to interact with her and numerous attempts are made to woo Penny. Despire the rather obvious set up, the show eventually managed to rack up an incredible 19.3 million viewers – making it one of the biggest shows on TV.

Sheldon’s t-shirts have also developed something of a cult following in their own right – and you can shop for your own at 8Ball:

Orange Is The New Black

Despite the ire of the general public towards the shows protagonist, Piper Chapman (the Buzzfeed article ‘Why Piper Chapman Is Literally The Worst’ has been shared 16K times on Facebook), OITNB has still developed a huge following of loyal fans. The fascinating back stories, the intriguing relationships the characters form behind bars and the introduction of Ruby Rose have all helped cement this show as one of the best box sets that you can watch on Netflix.

With Season 4 not far away, show your loyalty with a Litchfield Prison mens T-shirt.

Breaking Bad

And no ‘greatest box set’ list would be complete without the sublime Breaking Bad. Superb acting, a pitch perfect script and Hollywood-esque cinematography have all helped give the show its reputation as one of the finest box sets of all time – even ‘The Simpsons’ did a tribute to Breaking Bad.

Gustavo Fring has become one of the most evil TV villains of all time, and the witticisms and observations of Saul Goodman have led to the production of the ‘Better Call Saul’ spin off show, which has also achieved critical acclaim.

So, there you have it – five of our favourite box sets of all time. Let us know in the comments section what your top 5 are.

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