The Best Star Wars Fan Theories [infographic]

The Best Star Wars Fan Theories [infographic]

The Best Star Wars Fan Theories [infographic]

The Star Wars universe is as rich and detailed as any other work of fiction, if not more so, which has led to myriad fan theories popping up about various aspects of characters, plot and what’s still to come.

We couldn’t be more excited about the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and to celebrate, we’ve created this sparkly infographic detailing some of the best Star Wars fan theories in the galaxy, including theories about Jar Jar Binks, Luke Skywalker’s role in Episode VII, Boba Fett and the Solo twins. Whether some of these turn out to be true or not, it’s a huge amount of fun debating them. And if nothing else, they’ll get you even more hyped for the new film!

Click the infographic for a larger version or CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERACTIVE VERSION

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What do you think of these Star Wars fan theories? You can also see the very swanky interactive version of this graphic and check out our great range of Star Wars t-shirts.

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