The Fictional Characters We Love To Hate

In both real life and on TV, we’ve all encountered a person we really don’t get along with. But for some reason, instead of ignoring them as we should, we give them more attention and we feed the characteristics they have that irritate us. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fictional characters we’ve encountered that we just love to hate. 

The Fictional Characters We Love To Hate 8Ball

In both real life and on TV, we’ve all encountered a person we really don’t get along with. But for some reason, instead of ignoring them as we should, we give them more attention and we feed the characteristics they have that irritate us.

It could be because we secretly like the chaos that they create around themselves. Or even that their behaviour makes us feel better about ourselves. Either way, they hook us in and eventually the longer we leave it, the harder it is to pull ourselves away.

These types of characters are fascinating, particularly when they pop up in our favourite TV shows or films. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fictional characters we’ve encountered that we just love to hate.

Joffrey Baratheon: Game of Thrones

We all know Game of Thrones has definitely had its fair share of evil characters, but Joffrey Baratheon remains the one that all fans hate the most.

We’ve watched this young, immature boy fall into the role of ‘King’ and laughed at his disastrous mistakes. He lacks compassion to those around him and that irritates us nearly as much as his fellow characters. Perhaps we watched him not because we secretly loved him, but that we couldn’t wait to see him get his comeuppance.

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Hector Salamanca: Breaking Bad

Drug runner Hector is a bad, bad person. He’s part of a criminal organisation probably responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of people and and we know we should hate him – but we just can’t!

Have you ever seen a person communicate so well with a set of eyebrows and a bell? No. We thought not. We have all felt some kind of pity towards him for his ill health, but then we remember all the major atrocities that he’s caused and we think again. His role in the demise of another infamous Breaking Bad character also pitches him in the role of the anti-hero.

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Clay Morrow: Sons of Anarchy

Clay is an evil character in Sons of Anarchy, using his own personal greed to get what he wants. Before his death, his personal life begins to fall apart as a result of his actions. Viewers may already have a soft spot for him – I mean, who doesn’t love Ron Perlman? But none of these reasons are enough to overcome all the bad things that he’s done.

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Darth Vader: Star Wars

For many years, Darth Vader has been a villain that audiences love to hate. His iconic black helmet, heavy breathing and The Imperial March song have turned him into one of the most famous villains in cinematic history. But despite his evil actions, Star Wars fans still seem to love him! They forget that he’d killed hero Obi-Wan Kenobi and loads of his officers who hadn’t been followed his orders to the letter. Who can forget the infamous choking scene?

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The Joker: Batman

Despite being the archenemy of everyone’s favourite superhero, Batman, the Joker has remained as one of the most popular villains around.

There’s been a number of different adaptations of the character and some of Hollywood’s finest have filled the role and ‘the Joker’ will be making an appearance in the new Suicide Squad film, played by Jared Leto. All this sometimes means fans of his forget that he’s a master criminal and kills for fun – he’s not really someone you would want to be mates with!

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Pete Campbell: Mad Men

Pete Campbell is definitely one of the characters that everyone wanted to see gone – but like rubbernecking a horrific car crash, there was something about him that made it hard to look away.

His behaviour throughout Mad Men is shocking- we’ve witnessed him taking part in adultery, rape and trying to seduce the underage. They’re all terrible things that he has tried and failed at, making him a perfect character that we love to hate!

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Patrick Bateman: American Psycho

The murder that Bateman commits are cold, calculated, grotesque, and he never shows remorse for taking a life.

But in a weird and warped way, we feel sorry for him. We aren’t sure why after he’s explained how he’s cut the bodies of innocent people up, but there’s something about him that wins him our sympathies. Maybe it’s that he’s a victim of his environment? Or it could be that he’s completely psychotic and has little idea of what he’s really doing.

Janice Litman: Friends

Everyone knows Janice and you can hear her miles before you see her! She’s a character that was introduced to Friends as Chandler’s love interest that he (and we) can’t seem to escape.

We hate everything about her – that nasally tone, that laugh and that hugely irritating habit of popping up everywhere. But she has created a massive part of comedy history and that makes us love her. Sometimes…

Piper Chapman: Orange is the new black

Piper is the main character which everyone just loves to hate from OITNB! She is full of selfish actions and moans so much that both her fellow inmates and us, the audience, can’t help but hate her.

We’ve watched her blame other people for her mistakes, lack compassion to those around her and cheat on her fiance with her ex- girlfriend, Alex Vause, while behind bars. Although she’s a horror to everyone around her – we love seeing what she gets up to and how she continues to get away with it.

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Sue Sylvester: Glee

Cheerleader coach, Sue Sylvester, is known within the William McKinley High School for being a bully.

She’s victimised every pupil and teacher with insult after insult. We love to watch her dissing out this abuse as it breaks away from the sickly, happy feel of the show. But what makes us secretly love her is that we know deep down she has a gentle heart and would do anything for her older sister who has Down Syndrome. She may look like a hard knock, but we can see through that facade, and that’s what makes her a great character.

Jenny: Gossip Girl

In a desperate attempt to become popular, ‘little Jenny’ changed from a sweet ‘girl next door’ into a selfish wannabe who forgot her values.

She manipulated people around her, but was soon caught out and as a result had to leave the city. The audience loved this as we got to see the insides of an idiot girl trying to be cool and popular and enjoying every moment of her failure and fakery.

The list of characters that we love to hate is endless! Share with us on Facebook or in the comments section about the favourite characters that you love to hate…

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