The Final Star Wars Trailer Is Here!

The Final Star Wars Trailer Is Here!

The Final Star Wars Trailer Is Here!

The final Star Wars trailer is here!

In the latest attempt to break the internet the last week has seen the release of both the official cinematic trailer and poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

First, we had a series of trailer teasers tweeted from the official Star Wars Twitter account, leading up to the first sighting of the poster and confirmation of the air date for the trailer.

And sandwiched between some NFL game on Monday night in the US the two-and-a-half minute TV spot was first aired before being added to YouTube to a hugely positive reception.

This pretty much rounds up all we’re likely to see of the film before its December 18th release (17th for UK) and demand for tickets has already crashed cinema websites, with Vue reporting they sold over 10,000 within an hour and a half.

As the hype goes into even more of a hyper-drive, the nice folk over at IGN spliced together a super-cut of all of the footage we’ve seen so far, which is almost as impressive as the official business.

You can check out both of these videos below…


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