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Top 10 Moments From The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

by 8Ball T Shirts September 10, 2015 0 Comments

It’s been a household hit for many years, and today marks the 25th anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air hitting our screens.

The series was brought to us back in 1990 when we were introduced to funny man Will and his momentous move from the Philadelphia hood to a new, more affluent life in Bel Air.

Since airing 25 years ago, everything from the annoyingly catchy theme tune, one liners and Will’s jokes about Carlton’s height have been placed on a comedy gold pedestal.

With leading protagonist Will Smith recently announcing that he will be making a modern remake of the classic TV show, we decided to reminisce on some of our favourite bits of the show as a #TBT treat.

10. Geoffrey wins the lottery  

Everyone’s favourite Butler, Geoffrey, fell victim to one of Will and Carlton’s pranks when they recorded an old lottery programme and made him think he’d won the jackpot. This episode is full of brilliant one liners which are perfectly timed – we love it.


9. Will & Carlton Dance at a Strip Club

To make a little extra pocket money, the two cousins have the bright idea to become male strippers.  Guaranteed to make your belly hurt from laughing, this episode watches them on stage taking on Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump on it)” in some very questionable outfits.

8.  Papa’s got a brand new excuse

An emotional episode in which Will’s dad makes an appearance after 14 years. He’s so excited but this happy period doesn’t last long and he soon leaves making Will realise that the only father role he has in his life in Uncle Phil. Pass those tissues!

7. Ashley learns the drums

In one of the funniest episodes of the Fresh Prince, we get to witness some of the most outrageous dance skills imaginable. So, when Will’s cousin gets a new drum set we don’t expect anything less than some crazy dance moves.

6. Will lip syncing for Uncle Phil

This moment sees Will decide to go all diva on his Uncle Phil and lip sync along to  Jennifer Holliday’s Version of “And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going)” following an argument.  It’s hilarious, it’s cringey and it’s one of the reasons why the show made Will Smith so popular.

5. Ending up behind bars

When Carlton is with Will, there’s usually some kind of drama going down. But this time, Will is 100% blameless! Uncle Phil asks them to drive his car to Palm Springs and the two cousins end up finding themselves being pulled up by the cops for robbing the car. Watch them struggle to adapt to becoming ‘real’ criminals with tattoos in a confined cell.

4. Will and Ashley Dance

Another hit dance scene in the comedy series. Ashley’s having a bop around the room with her earphones in. Will enters and decided to join in with the dancing- without her knowing. Awkward. Turns out she’s all flustered when Will just wanted to dance too. It’s a piece of comedy genius that’s had us all in tears of laughter.

3.  Phil, Jazz and that front door…

Sadly, Uncle phil passed away early last year but still holds a special place in fans hearts. Without a doubt, he was most known for throwing Will’s stray friend Jazz out of the house- every time he took a step in there. Even though we knew it was coming, we still loved seeing it happen! Here’s a compilation of his different launches of the front door. 

2. When Carlton joins the hood

Carlton is offered a bet that he simply can’t refuse by Will’s good friend Jazz. He doesn’t think he’d last in his neighbourhood and leaves him there with some nasty looking thugs. Turns out that Carlton fits in perfectly well and grasps the gangster look really well! Turns out he wasn’t down with the ling though, after releasing his new ‘crew’ weren’t really the best crowd to be involved with and quickly heads home.

1. The Carlton Banks Dance

One of the most famous and hilarious scenes that ever happened during the Fresh Prince HAS to be Carlton Banks shaking those hips to Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual”.  Although he’s preppy- and a bit whiny- we love him and the things he gets up to. Today this scene remains as a piece of comedy gold remembered by thousands of fans.

We’re super excited for the new series to be made but until then, we’re are going to rewatch some of the greatest episodes.  

Why not share with us your favourite moments of Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the comments below?

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