True Detective 2 Random Scenario Generator

True Detective 2 Random Scenario Generator

True Detective 2 Random Scenario Generator

We’ve followed the second series of True Detective, and the final episode is about to hit our screens – hooray! But, if you are anything like the rest of the Internet, and Twitter, then you are probably just as baffled by the complex and overlapping storylines that we’ve been introduced to throughout the series.


You may find yourself doubting what has just happened, wondering if you’ve missed a vital mumbled line, and praying that the last show will reveal the plot that we’ve all been searching for!

In the build up to this, we at 8Ball, decided to take the plot of True Detective into our own hands, and create a range of random scenarios for the shows leading characters – Ani, Ray and Frank – in the final episode. Through our comical (and bizarre) invention – we’ve created the True Detective 2 random scenario generator.

You can find it here –

Like everyone else, we’re not sure what direction the show is going in – could it be the highlight of the ending will be watching Frank escape across the border? Or will Ani and Ray fall madly in love after their night of drunken lust? It could be…but we all want something a little bit more ‘off the beaten track’ – so, we decided to spice things up a little bit…

Our scenario generator decides the fate of your chosen True Detective character, and the results are just as random as the show! Did you honestly ever think you’d see Ray Velcoro taking a bite of a burrito and going home with Katie Price? We thought not!

All you need to do is simply select your favourite and least favourite character by clicking the thumbs up, or thumbs down button, and you’ll then be introduced to their chosen fate.

True Detective fans across the world are excited to see what the future holds for its leading characters in the build-up to this long awaited finale, but we are certain of one thing, the ending will not be as fun as ours!

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