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A Fifth Housemate?!?!?!?

by 8Ball T Shirts February 19, 2020 0 Comments

We’re very sober here at 8Ball Towers, and very, very bored. So it’s time to ask you all a question in the hope some of you can entertain us...

Who was the mysterious fifth Young Ones housemate?

Everybody’s favourite Scumbag College students famously shared a filthy house together, but how many mouths did Neil’s lentil curry actually have to feed?

We all know that Rick, Vyvyan, Neil and Mike lived together, but did you notice the spooky FIFTH housemate who was lurking in the background in several episodes?

Check out these revelatory photographs which we meticulously cribbed from a Google image search that prove these shocking revelations to be true!



Oh wow, man. Heavy, heavy, heavy!

Who was this mysterious figure? Looking like something that escaped from a horror movie, with long hair in front of their face obscuring even their gender; nobody knows who this person was or what they were doing in the squalid shared digs.


We can exclusively reveal that the creepy figure was none other than series writer Ben Elton wearing a spare Neil wig!

That’s not true. It was a joke I made up, and you fell for it like the fascists you are!

In fact nobody seems to know the identity of the background housemate, but their existence means that we now have a new fourth-favourite Young One. Sorry, Mike. You’ve been relegated to fifth place.

Who do YOU think was lurking in the Young Ones’ house?

Let us know your theories on who they were and what they were doing there and if your answer makes us laugh on an otherwise sober and boring day at work, we might just reward you by dropping an unexploded bomb through your roof (or possibly a free t-shirt through your letterbox).

Oh, and if The Young Ones is your thing have a look at these brand new designs you complete and utter bastard:


Vegetable Rights and Peace x
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