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Debbie Harry T Shirts

She's been a singer, a movie star, a video game voice actress and a Playboy bunny. Debbie Harry has had releases, both solo and with the group Blondie, in every decade since the 1970s and remains one of the most influential New Wave / Punk artists of all time.

It's no wonder that her style has remained popular for 40 years and is still enjoyed today thanks to its timeless qualities. She straddled the boundaries perfectly between having a punk image, while at the same time not being too anti-social and appealing to the masses.

At 8ball, we have gathered together some of the most iconic shirts as worn by Debbie Harry through her long and storied career. We have the classic vultures shirt, the mysterious doctor x shirt, her Andy Warhols bad shirt and many many more.

With a wide selection across both male and female shirts you are sure to find a design you like unless, of course, you have a heart of glass. So don't keep us hanging on the telephone, get your order placed today and soon you'll be French kissing in the USA (hopefully).