8Ball Directors Cut Box Sets

It's a common event, it's close to a birthday / Christmas / Wookie Life Day and you haven't gotten a gift for your best friend or significant other. You think a t shirt would be good (and it is) but you want to add something more to it, something to make it a bit more special on the significant day. Then you stumble across the Directors Cut edition shirt sets and your prayers are answered.
Like a Directors Cut version of your favorite movie, our special editions add a little something extra to your purchase to make them even more of a must-have. From lovingly recreated posters and beer mats from the films to beanie hats featuring company logos. Each item made to a high standard and created exclusively for this line.
As well as they extras, every Directors Cut package comes in a custom printed gift box, perfect for wrapping up and presenting to your loved one. 
Our Directors Cut range is currently available on a number of our best selling shirts and most popular lines. Be sure to check them all out.