As Worn By T Shirts

Have you ever been watching TV or seen a picture of your favorite celebrity and thought... I want that shirt? Ever been watching Big bang theory and decided that Sheldon’s fashion sense suits you just right? Ever seen that band you like and thought.., yeah, that shirt is for me.

Well, do we have a treat for you, 8ball shirts "As worn by..." range. A series of designs that were brought to our attention by the most influential celebrities out there.

The core of this range are the iconic designs that graced the bodies of real trendsetters. People like Debbie Harry, John Lennon and bands like Led Zepplin and the Sex Pistols. We have key shirts from more recent decades, as worn by Oasis, Guns n Roses, Kurt Cobain or Metallica.

Away from music, you can find shirts worn in shows like the Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things or the IT Crowd. We even have shirts from actors, actresses or reality show stars.

At 8ball we are committed to providing the shirts you want when you want them, that’s why we are always keeping an eye on what popular. So it’s always worth checking back, as we constantly update our range to get the best t shirt designs direct to you.