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Wayne's World T shirts

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.

From Saturday Night Live to the cinemas of the world, the early 90's belonged to a pair of heavy metal loving losers from Aurora, Illinois. Practically launching the career of Mike Myers (the less said about Dana Carvey the better), the films were enjoyed around the world.

If you have never seen them, and honestly, I'm disappointed with you if haven't, the story of Wayne's World is simple. A pair of best friends try and make a popular TV show, get the girl and stick it to the man. All the while slinging memorable catch phrases, hilarious jokes and ensuring that everyone headbangs to Bohemian Rhapsody until the end of time.

At 8Ball we want everyone to experience what is was like in 1993 so we have got the best Wayne's World t shirts for you to enjoy. So let us take you back to Aurora with all of the sights and sounds of that time.

Or you can maybe find better shirts elsewhere on the internet... NOT.