The Terminator T Shirts

Back in the early 80's, it sure did suck to be called Sarah Connor. Not only were you likely to be stood up on your Saturday night date, there was a good chance you'd get killed by an Austrian death machine from the future. Still, at least it set up one of the greatest sci-fi action series of all time.

Spanning a number of film, tv shows, books and even theme park rides, the Terminator series tells the story of a war fought across time. From the 80s in the original film, the 90s in the epic Judgement Day or the dark robot-infested future. Each story is etched into the consciousness of Sci-fi fans around the world, each action sequence a classic.

It's no wonder that Terminator t shirts have been popular for so long. Here at 8Ball we have gotten some of the most iconic to offer to you. From the companies and corporations of the Terminator universe to classic lines, you are sure to find something you like.

We are constantly creating new and exciting designs so if you can't find anything you like right away... well... hasta la vista, baby.