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Breaking Bad T Shirts

Every few years a TV show event occurs that redefines the notion of must see TV. A show so good that while it is airing, it dominates water cooler conversation for weeks on end. Between 2008 and 2013, if you weren't following the steady decline of Walter White you were excluded you were likely excluded from 80% of all office chats.

Taking the theme from the show, figuring out Breaking Bad’s popularity is simple chemistry. Take two parts iconic characters, mix some classic locales and add to a base of intense and well-crafted drama. The result? The best show in years.

To celebrate the everything Breaking Bad, we have apparel from every step of the journey. From original nerdy science teacher Walter, to amoral kingpin Heisenberg. Including the Car Wash, Gas masks and a certain pink teddy bear.

Let’s face it, the settings of the show also deserve some love. Who can forget those first faltering steps in the broken RV, or the Guss period at Los Pollos Hermanos and the Superlab, and then getting to the Vamanos pest control operation. Or perhaps you’d like to leave this corrupt world of drug dealing science teachers. But you’d need help and we all know that when you are in trouble, you Better Call Saul.

Whichever is your favorite bit of Breaking Bad, we have the shirt for you. Just remember our name.