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John Lennon T Shirts

John Lennon is a man who left this planet too soon. For 20 years he blazed a trail as an artist and as one of the world's greatest peace activists. Whether it was with the Beatles, Yoko Ono or just by himself. He left an indelible mark on the world and won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Throughout his career he pushed the boundaries of what was expected of one of the world's most successful musicians. He not only kept up with making songs but continued to influence artistic endeavors around the world. As a leading peace activist he even managed to run afoul of the government with Nixon's government determined to deport him. Eventually, he got the attention of the wrong person and his murder in New York in 1980 shocked the world.

Although he may be gone, his legend and style lives on, favoring simple but iconic styles, we at 8Ball bring you a selection of the best t shirts as worn by John Lennon.