Lyrics & Music T-Shirts

Before geek shirts were the norm, before movie styles were popular, even before ironic humour was worn with pride, there were Music shirts. Nothing defines a decade, a generation or the culture of a chosen period more than what they listened to and this in, turn influenced what they wore.

At 8Ball we have delved deep into the vaults and reproduced some of the most iconic shirt designs that have ever graced a stage. Do you want a classic Thin Lizzy image? We got it. Perhaps your tastes are more modern and you like Panic at the disco? No problem.

It’s not just the music that will live forever, it’s the style. Musicians don’t just influence the sounds of an era; they create the style. The Sex Pistols brought punk to the front of the nation’s mind and out into the streets. Kurt Cobain may have only been around for a short time, but his style is etched into our culture for eternity. This is what influence our “As worn by…” range. Where we create some of the best shirts that have ever been worn by celebrities. From Motorhead to the Beastie Boys, Sex pistols to Debbie Harry.