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Pac-Man T Shirts

Waka waka waka waka waka waka.

In the 80's, running around mazes, gobbling pills and avoiding ghosts was one of the most popular things to do among the world's youth. Imported from Japan where it was known as Puck-Man (due to the sound of a mouth flapping apparently) it arrived on Western shores and quickly took over. Now known as Pac-Man, to avoid vandalism, a true mega star was born.

If you have any interest in video games, you will be able to recognise this character, even people who have never hold a joystick are likely to know him. Our spherical hero now represents not only a great game but a lost era of arcades and simpler time of gaming joys. Even his ghostly enemies a firm fan favorites.

We celebrate the life of the yellow pill muncher with our line of retro Pac-Man shirts. We have shirts from his early years of arcade stardom. We have unique designs mixing him with more modern culture. We have ghost shirts, fruit shirts and anything you need shirts.