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Welcome to 8Ball.co.uk, the t shirt site you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

We’ve got literally thousands of unique t shirts, with more designs being added all the time, and you won’t find any of them on the high street.

From pop culture to politics, from geek life to thug life, from retro to sci-fi, our ever-expanding range of original 100% cotton tees is a soft but unstoppable force.

If you’re obsessed with obsolescence and passionate about all things passé, then you’ll love our retro t shirts, which give a nostalgic nod to the most memorable nuggets of 70s and 80s culture.

Sure, those years brought us nuclear panic and Thatcher, but we also got Space Invaders and Michael Jackson - our retro tees pay homage to these departed decades.

We also have tonnes of movie and TV t shirts, referencing everything from Airplane to Anchorman and Fawlty Towers to Fight Club. You are sure to find your favorite quote, iconic scene or most sought after logo.

If you just want to cut straight to the punchline, check out our funny t shirts. They perform all the functions you’d associate with a normal t shirt, but in a far more hilarious way. We’ve also got slogan t shirts to suit every mood, and offensive t shirts guaranteed to get a reaction.

As if that’s not enough, we have loads of Banksy t shirts, featuring his most infamous designs as well as some lesser-known pieces.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, just take a look around the site. Whatever weird stuff you’re into, we won’t judge! All we will say is that with 8Ball.co.uk, following the crowd is not an option.

T shirts

Here at 8Ball, we don't just bring our customers original, quality t shirts at highly competitive prices – we're an industry-leading culture hub delivering unique t shirt designs. Everything we do is totally timeless and bound to spice up even the drabbest looking wardrobe.

We stock every kind of design you can imagine and can guarantee you'll be able to pick out a t shirt from our online collection that matches your own personality and individual sense of style.

From retro, 'distressed' looks to clean-cut lines and bright, bold colours, our t shirts cover all bases. Customers continue to love our 'Inspired By' ranges, t shirts in these collections are designed to reference some of the biggest films and TV shows on the planet.

Fans of iconic movies and new blockbusters alike will find intelligent t shirt prints that take inspiration from memorable quotes and scenes from the films – perfect as a present for an extreme movie fanatic!

Not only do we have the design to suit you, we have the shirt to fit you. We can print tee shirts to order in sizes Small to 3XL (although these specifications will naturally vary depending on the product). Many of our designs even come with an number of colour options for the base shirt.

We also offer low delivery costs on our t shirts and customers buying in bulk will benefit from free postage and packaging on multiple t shirt purchases.

Music T Shirts

Music t shirts are a particular specialism of ours. Every fan wants to express their undying admiration for their favorite band and what better way to do so than getting hold of a printed music t shirt?

We've scoured the globe to bring you one of the biggest variety of music t shirts in the UK today.

8 Ball stocks distinctive music t shirt designs straight from the imagination of some of the world's most talented t-shirt creators and much of our merchandise can't be found anywhere else in the UK.

Type in a band name in the search box to get started or head over to the music t shirt category pages to browse our gallery.


We're always looking to partner with t shirt designers and have put together a mutually beneficial agreement that allows you, as the artist, to retain copywriting ownership of every tee shirt design you produce.

No hidden clauses, no undisclosed royalty restrictions – just a great opportunity for you to showcase your t shirt designs with one of the UK's top online t shirt retailers. Get in touch with 8Ball for more info.


Our site goes beyond just retailing high-quality t shirts, we've also established ourselves as a great source of information on all kinds of entertainment topics.

Head over to our blog for the latest news on games and geek culture, for stories on movies and music and much, much more.

And, of course, there'll be information on the latest t shirts from 8Ball for you to peruse if you're looking for new designs or great gift ideas.

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