Our kids shirts are designed to be loose fitting, comfortable and with room to grow. Standard measurements are Width, measured from armpit to armpit and length, measured from back collar to hem. For full chest size, simply double the width for an approximate value.

All of the sizes are shown as suitable for certain ages. However, please take into account that these are general sizes for those ages and it is worth checking the detailed descriptions below to ensure you get the right size for the recipient.


Sizing Explanation
Shirt Size Chest Size (inches) Chest Size (cm) Childs Height (CM)
1-2 Years 18-20 45-50 86-91
2-3 Years 20-22 50-55 91-96
3-4 Years 22-24 55-60 101-106
5-6 Years 26-28 66-71 111-116
7-8 Years 30 76 116-121
9-11 Years 32 81 127-132
Darius Esme Lily Dillon Thomas

15 Months Old

80cm Tall

Wearing Size 2-3

3 Years Old

95cm tall

Size 3-4 Years

3.5 Years Old

105cm tall

Size 3-4 Years

5 Years Old

110cm tall

Size 5-6 Years

8 Years Old

130cm tall

Size 7-8 Years

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