Here at 8Ball we want to ensure that you have the very best shopping experience when you purchase anything from us and so we have put together this guide on why we feel that we are the perfect choice for you.

We want to give you to the kind of customer service that we would love to receive if we shopped elsewhere. 

In a way, the best kind of order is one where everything happens and you have no need to contact us. You placed the order and it shipped quickly, was perfect when you got it and it got to you in a nice and speedy fashion. This is what we always strive for. 

But perfect orders, 100% of the time are not a reality. Maybe you want something a little different, or you want to swap the size or want to be sure of when an order will ship? Maybe you just want to know how old Sean Connery would have to have been when fathered Harrison Ford in the 3rd Indiana Jones film? (12, that's weird right...) Either way, we are here for you and will always do whatever we can to go above and beyond in the service that we offer. 

We have been doing this for a long time. 8Ball started as a Mail Order Catalog company all the way back in 1998 and we started our first web store in 2000. That has given us plenty of time to make the mistakes that a younger company makes and to learn from them.

Add to that we were among the very first to take to digital garment printing, we are experts in the field and often turned to by manufacturers to offer assistance and guiding on printing solutions. We have the knowledge and expertise to stand at the front of the printing and fulfillment companies within the UK and have no intention of giving the place up.

Every product that we sell has undergone some critical quality checks to ensure that the product that you receive is the very best that it could be. The rule is that if we would not wear it ourselves then it goes in the bin. You will always get a top grade product when you order anything from 8Ball.

Our no quibble returns policy means that if there is anything that you want to swap or refund from your order, we will get it done with no questions asked, giving you the confidence to buy, even if you are not getting something for yourself. 


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