8 Easter Eggs from The Simpsons You Might’ve Missed

8 Easter Eggs from The Simpsons You Might’ve Missed

8 Easter Eggs from The Simpsons You Might’ve Missed

8 Easter Eggs from The Simpsons You Might’ve Missed

For over 25 years now our favourite Springfield residents have been on our TV screens giving not only some classic comedy moments, but brilliant t-shirt ideas too.

While the writing might not be as sharp-witted as it once was, this just gives us more chance to revisit the classic episodes in case we missed anything the first time round.

So here are 8 of our favourite Easter eggs from The Simpsons that even the smrtest of you might have missed…


1. “If you are reading this you have no life.”

As seen in: “Homer Badman” (Season 6, Episode 9)

After Homer’s accused of sexual harassment after finally finding the missing gummy Venus de Milo, tabloid news show Rock Bottom invites him on to share his side.

After a poorly edited and one-sided feature a barrage of “corrections” appears on screen for a split second with a back-hand swipe at those anoraks who find themselves talking about Easter eggs on TV shows… oh…

2. Hairy Shearers

As seen in: “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons” (Season 9, Episode 7), “Hungry, Hungry Homer” (Season 12, Episode 15), “The Blue and the Gray” (Season 22, Episode 13).

One of Springfield’s most popular chain of hairdressers (yes, there are more than one).  Harry Shearers is of course a nod to long-time cast member Harry Shearer, voice of Reverend Lovejoy, Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and many, many more.

3. Principal Skinner as Jean Valjean?

As seen in: “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” (Season 5, Episode 1)

You want niche? We got niche. During the season 5 opening episode in which Homer, Apu, Principal Skinner and Barney form the hit barbershop quartet the Be Sharps, a brief glimpse in Skinner’s old life as Armin Tamzarian is shown through his old prison helmet.

The number etched on the side, 24601, is the same as Jean Valjean from Les Misérables.

4. Peter Griffin and early Homer

As seen in: “Treehouse of Horror XIII” (Season 14, Episode 1)

In the yearly traditional Halloween episode Homer discovers his new magic hammock can produce clones from anyone who lies in it.

When the cloning gets out of control a whole army of Homers appear in another one of those blink and you miss it Easter eggs, including a morbidly obsese Homer, a Tracey Ullman Show style version and Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

5. A-113

As seen in: “Krusty Gets Busted” (Season 1, Episode 12), “Cape Feare” (Season 5, Episode 2), “Do The Bartman” music video

As far as Easter eggs go, A-113  is not a new reference by any means, nor is it exclusive to the Simpsons universe. The inside joke goes back to alumni of California Institute of Arts whose classes took place in room A113.

As well as appearing in the Simpsons, it’s had an appearance in every Pixar movie too.

6. Futurama references

As seen in: “Mayored to the Mob” (Season 10, Episode 9), “Missionary: Impossible” (Season 11, Episode 15), “Bart vs Lisa vs the Third Grade” (Season 14, Episode 3) any many, many more…

Alright, this might be cheating as the shows are pretty much manned by the same staff, but here’s the first reference of Futurama in The Simpsons as worn by Uter in the opening scenes of “Mayored to the Mob”. There are many other Easter eggs featuring Futurama characters, mainly Bender, in episodes following this one.

7. Created in God’s image…ish

As seen in: “Homer the Heretic” (Season 4, Episode 3) amongst others

We’re used to cartoon characters usually only having four fingers (see South Park, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers), and especially so in The Simpsons.

God and Jesus are the only two characters in the entire series with five digits on each hand, as seen in the cap below.

8. McBain

As seen in: “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” (Season 2, Episode 15), “The War of the Simpsons” (Season 2, Episode 20), “Last Exit to Springfield” (Season 4, Episode 17) any more…

Our absolute favourite Easter egg from the Simpsons takes place over several episodes and seasons.

Did you know those brief clips of McBain shown throughout actually tie-in to create one mini-movie? MENDOZAAA!

Any more we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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