Are You A Geek Or A Nerd?

Are You A Geek Or A Nerd?

Are You A Geek Or A Nerd?

Are you a geek or nerd?

Do you deeply identify with a Hogwarts house? Are you a key member of an Aliens/Game of Thrones/Star Wars (delete where appropriate) fandom? Were you a big extra-curricular kid, not so it would look good on your university application but because you wanted too? Great, we were too, from the teacher’s assistant to Prefects and members of the Orchestra and Jazz Band we did it all. As you may be able to tell by now at 8ball we like to embrace our not so inner geek. We push up our glasses, discuss and probably start any fan theory that we come across while keeping others away from our mint condition collectibles. It may not be cool to be a geek but we get along just fine, our participation medals sat happily on our parents walls and we do well in the local pub quiz. Team E=MC Hammer forever!

Now there is no shame in playing both the nerd and the geek game so to celebrate everything nerd, geek and dork (we know that they are totally different things) we’ve created a quiz to help you to find out once and for all if you are a geek or a nerd.



We all have a geek inside us. Some of us are proud geeks who love comic book conventions, others are hidden geeks with secret collections of unopened Star Wars figures. Let’s be honest… geeky or not, nostalgia rocks and here is where you'll find everything you could ever need to feed your own inner geek. Check out our range of geeky tees here.

Let us know your score, are you a geek or a nerd? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media. Head on over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let’s get discussing!

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