Badly Translated Movie Taglines

Badly Translated Movie Taglines

Badly Translated Movie Taglines

We took some of our best movie taglines, ran them through a few google translates and then saw what the Chinese whisper translation method gave us. Here are the results


Not bad, while the original was certainly good for some space horror, this definitely has a more nihilist / Goth poetry feel. 

Blade Runner

It's not just this man who has problem, we all have problem when a person does a game.

The Big Lebowski 

Erm... yeah! Sounds kinda philosophical.


Well it isn't wrong I guess. 

Star Wars

For those of us who grew up reading all of the expanded universe novels and stories, this one gets you right in the feels.

The Terminator

"Please don't be scared"


Any other films you think would have good tagline translations? Let us know. 

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