Challenge 8Ball: And The Winner Is…

Challenge 8Ball: And The Winner Is…

Challenge 8Ball: And The Winner Is…

Every fortnight a person will be chosen. A person with design skills so amazing, so original and so far out of this world that there will only be one thing that we can possibly do… 8ball their sketch and turn it into their very own printed tee!

Ladies and gentlemen this is Challenge 8ball, a design competition taking social media by storm. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to enter, all you need is a great idea and a pencil or two. Since its introduction the entries have been flooding in and we are happy to announce that we have another winner.

Our fourth winner was Phil Vaughn who came to us on Twitter just a couple of weeks ago with his beautiful depiction of a Demogorgon from the truly awesome Stranger Things. Good choice Phil! So we sent his entry off to our team of designers to get the Challenge 8ball treatment.

Since Phil headed over to Twitter, decided to take up the task and Challenge 8ball he has received a free tee with his printed design and he will receive commission each time his design is sold.

Take a look at Phil’s finished Challenge 8ball design here. Well done Phil and remember to share your own ideas with us too for a chance to win.

If you feel inspired and want to challenge 8ball head on over to our #Challenge8ball page for more details. Alternatively get sketching and send us your best designs on our social media pages by hitting us up on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and don’t forget the #Challenge8ball hashtag. We will announce a new winner every fortnight so keep an eye out on our social media channels on 02/09/16 as your design could be getting the 8ball treatment just like Phil!

Good luck and happy sketching!

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