GUEST POST: Rupert Pupkin Speaks – A Fistful of Cult Film tees

GUEST POST: Rupert Pupkin Speaks – A Fistful of Cult Film tees

GUEST POST: Rupert Pupkin Speaks – A Fistful of Cult Film tees

A guest blog from Brian Saur on cult films

I run a little blog called Rupert Pupkin Speaks wherein I like to focus my energies on talking about older films. Seems like these days, the films that are considered “older” are getting younger and younger. It used to be that an older film was a classic film. Something you’d see on Turner Classic Movies (I like to talk about those films plenty as well by the way).

Nowadays it’s as though a film becomes “old” after 10 years. I mean, a 10 year old film is like really old to the young folks of today. I’m starting to sound like a cranky geezer right now so let me back off that a bit.

Here’s my thing in a nutshell: there is so much wonderful cinema out there from before the year 2000, why limit yourself? End of rant.

So as I was browsing 8Ball‘s lovely selection of movie related shirts, I came across several that caught my eye. They were shirts for movies that, though they do get talked about some in this day and age, I think they should all be talked about MORE.

Let’s start with one that a lot of folks know – Terry Gilliam‘s brilliant opus BRAZIL. It’s certainly a cult favorite, but one with some serious credibility. I mean, it’s been a Criterion Collection title since the days of laserdisc so clearly there is at least a little prestige attached to it.

Regardless, I think it is a brilliant vision of a movie and one that is truly straight from the mind of Gilliam. It is a unique concoction of fantasy, dystopia and comedy and I love it. 8Ball’s “Ministry of Information” shirt is fantastic and I think a must-have for all of us die hard BRAZIL lovers.

After BRAZIL, I came across this BAD TASTE shirt, which I like a lot too.  BAD TASTE is one of those movies that I think is truly inspirational on the same level something like Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD was.

It is just a movie that you can feel is coming together from the sheer force of will of Peter Jackson. Not only that, but it also feels like the people involved are really having a good time whilst making it which is something I think is missing from a lot of films these days (even Peter Jackson’s big studio films). Director Ti West recently expounded on his thoughts on BAD TASTE in this short segment over at Trailers From Hell, which I think is worth a look:

Lastly, I found myself captivated by this ‘Fat Sam’s Grandslam Speakeasy’ shirt from Alan Parker’s unforgettable musical BUGSY MALONE:

BUGSY MALONE pretty much stands alone as one of the only musical fantasy films of its kind. It features an all child cast (including a young Jodie Foster and Scott Baio) in what is ostensibly a gangster story.

It has great costumes, fun musical numbers and guns that shoot pies instead of bullets. It blows my mind that Alan Parker would go on to do ANGEL HEART and MIDNIGHT EXPRESS after this.

– Brian Saur

Brian writes for his blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks which can be found here:
He is also quite active on Twitter goes under the handle @bobfreelander

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