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Halo: Is It Gaming Tees You’re Looking For?

by 8Ball T Shirts May 20, 2016 0 Comments

From Halo to Super Mario Bros, whether you’re an occasional gamer or a total pro, our range of new gaming tees are just for you! We have t shirts dedicated to the hours you spent learning a ten hit combo and to the joy of finally nailing that annoying online player who just won’t shut up. The range of 8ball gaming tees are for those exciting, nervous, awesome, maddening times that only gaming gives.

We’ve added some great new tees inspired by some of our favourites including Final Fantasy and Halo, check it out!


Final Fantasy VII

Chocobo Sports Logo:

A three colour design taking inspiration from the Chocobos as seen in Final Fantasy and the iconic red and blue US sports logos.


Chocobo Racing League:

Inspired by the flightless bird from the ground breaking Final Fantasy series this Chocobo Racing League t-shirt features a one colour yellow print with the slogan ‘Kweh Kweh Racking League’ and a Chocobo in full speed



Blue Team & Osiris Team Inspired by Halo 5:

It’s time to make a choice, Blue or Osiris. This one colour pocket print design features our take on the logo from the Halo games for the Blue Team, led by the iconic Master Chief.


Video games

Wow! Inspired by Rocket League:

One of the most heard phrases during any match of Rocket League this design features a one colour print with the slogan ‘Wow!’ where the O has been replaced with an illustration of the Rocket League ball.


Viva La Rebellion Inspired by Just Cause:

Inspired by the rebels in Just Cause 3 this three colour design is our interpretation of the flag belonging to the rebellion. Featuring the bull symbol and the slogan ‘Viva La Rebellion’ along with a distressed light orange and blue flag print.


GRE Global Relief Effort Inspired by Dying Light:

Inspired by the hit survival horror game Dying Light this one colour pocket print design is based on the Global Relief Effort logo from the game. The slogan reads ‘Since 2002 we trust in our ability to help the entire mankind’.


Blade Inspired by Xenoblade

Inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles X this pocket print design features a take on the logo of BLADE or the Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth.


Nice Shot! Inspired by Rocket League

A one colour print featuring the slogan ‘Nice Shot!’ as you hope to hear during any game of Rocket League. The O has been replaced with an illustration of the famous Rocket League ball.

If you have any ideas for new 8ball gaming tees that you would like to see then let us know! Post your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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