Sons of Anarchy Character Tattoos: Real or Not Real?

Sons of Anarchy Character Tattoos: Real or Not Real?

Sons of Anarchy Character Tattoos: Real or Not Real?

If you don’t already know, Sons of Anarchy is a TV drama about a motorcycle gang set in the fictional town of Charming in California. The series is centred on Jax Teller, who rises from vice president of the club up to full president. Jax is known for many things, but many people notice this character’s tattoos – motorcycle clubs are synonymous with tattoos, and these are some pretty big ones:

Jax teller has a lot of tattoos, most notably the Sons of Anarchy club logo on his back, a tribute to his father on his right arm, a tribute to his diseased brother on his left arm, and his son’s name ‘Abel’ on his chest. Many fans have wondered, are any of the tattoos real? When you watch the show they certainly look real enough; there’s none of the wrinkling or shininess associated with temporary tattoos.

Sadly the actor Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax Teller isn’t so dedicated to SOA that he’d get some permanent ink for it, but he does have his own tattoo on his back. In an interview with Atlantic City Blog the actor complained about the tiring process of applying the fake tattoo over his own; “I have a tattoo actually on my back which is a huge pain in the ass because every time I need to take my shirt off in the show, they need to cover my tattoo and lay the other tattoo on top of it which is a really time consuming process.”

Hunnam isn’t the only inked up actor in the show though, there’s also Ryan Hurst, who plays Opie:


Hurst has a few tattoos of his own; in a recent interview he claimed to have “5 or 6”, the actor is interested in tattoo art and even knows a few artists. However, the tattoos you see on Opie are not the tattoos of Ryan Hurst. Apparently Hurst’s tattoos are covered up with make-up in every session, and then the fake tatts are applied over the top. They actually work like the cheap temporary tattoos people often give to their kids; you wet the back, and you apply them to your skin and peel off. Hurst claims the tattoos even last for up to 3 weeks, as the adhesive is so strong. We imagine they’d make a lot of money selling those in the SAMCRO style!

Hurst even adds that he had Opie’s tattoos designed himself. In an interview with 411 Mania he says, “They told me I was going to have a lot of tattoos and I said, “if you don’t mind, I know a lot of tattoo artists and graphic artists; is it ok if I work with them and give you the art?” They told me to go for it.”.

We suppose it’s a good thing these actors don’t have real Sons of Anarchy back tattoos, as we’re sure it’s easier to scrub off a fake tattoo in the shower compared to having to burn it off with a cutting torch like Kyle Hobart did in the series!

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