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The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails

by 8Ball T Shirts July 15, 2016 0 Comments

We’ve all been there… It’s time for the finale of our favourite TV series, release day of the hottest summer blockbuster or just another Tuesday and you’re throwing THE party of the year to celebrate, but you have no idea what to serve to your guests. Now here at 8ball Towers we don’t really care about the food that you serve to your guests, we don’t have a couple of little Delia Smiths running around the office. The one thing that we do care about, apart from which awesome 8ball Originals tee you’ll be wearing to the party, is the alcoholic options you’ll have on offer to your guests.

We don’t want our followers just leaving a couple of boxes of beer out in the garage or shed for your mates to help themselves to, that dear reader does not constitute an iconic party. An 8ball party is a party that can only be described as Great Gatsby proportions, parties that don’t stop till the break of dawn. Parties that will have the whole town talking for weeks afterwards. To do this you need (not so) classic TV show and movie inspired cocktails.

So here it is The Alc-ademy Awards. The best TV and movie inspired cocktails to get the party started, and don’t worry, we reckon that having a cocktail while watching The Italian Job or the Fast and the Furious series doesn’t constitute drink-driving.

The Kingslayer

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - GOT


2 oz. Jameson Whiskey.
2 oz. cranberry juice
0.5 oz. sour mix


A cocktail that can only be described as Lannister red. It is to be shaken with one hand and leaves a sour taste at first but becomes much sweeter towards the end. Mix all ingredients together and pour over ice.

Note: The Kingslayer is to be poured into a larger glass than the (p)imp shot. The Kingslayer is the ideal drink to have after a Mad Queen.

Pokémon Evolution

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - Pokemon

Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise


Squirtle (to make a Wartortle add 2 oz. of each, for a Blastoise add 4 oz.)

1 oz. Spiced rum
1 oz. Malibu
1 oz. Blue Curacao
Fill with lemonade


A cocktail that evolves into a stronger version with experience and over the night. You gotta catch all of the drops to be a true drunkemon master. Mix all ingredients into a glass and serve with ice, top up with lemonade.

The (Moon) Shining

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - Shining


2 oz. Jack Daniels Whiskey
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
Bitter Lemon


The more classic of the movie inspired cocktails, without a drop of red rum in sight, this cocktail offers a beautiful but bittersweet ending after a descent into madness. Pour all ingredients into a tumbler over ice… lots of ice.

A Shot at Avenge

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - Thor

Thor – A shot guaranteed to get you hammered


1/3 shot Vodka
1/3 shot Berry Liquor
1/3 shot Mead

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - Cap

Captain America – A shot to cap’ off your night


1/3 shot Grenadine
1/3 shot Kahlua
1/3 shot Blue Curacao

To be served on July 4th with sparklers and tiny flags.

American Horror-tini

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - AHS


1 oz. Apple flavoured Vodka
1 oz. Apple Liquor
Top with cranberry juice


A cocktail both sweet and sour enough to kill you and everyone you know then bring you back later that year in a different setting with a different name… Pour all ingredients over a normal person (or ice) into a glass.

The Goblet of (actual) Fire

The Best TV Show & Movie Inspired Cocktails - HP


1 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Blue Curacao
Dash of 151 proof Rum
Top with lemonade
Sprinkle of cinnamon


A cocktail not to be taken if performing in the Triwizard tournament as you may Wingardium Leviosa yourself right out of Hogwarts. Add vodka, rum and curacao into a glass and top with lemonade. Cast cocktail with a fire spell, sprinkle with cinnamon and watch it spark!

This homage to Cocktail t shirt features the neon logo of 'Cocktails and Dreams' - the cocktail bar opened by Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) in the 1988 movie. Throughout the film Cruise dreams of opening his own cocktail bar and thanks to the advice of his Uncle Pat he realises that dream at the end of the movie, where he celebrates in his smoky bar with free cocktails for all. Ahhh, the 80's.


Whether you just want to show some love for a great cocktail or you want to remind your local barkeep how to make one, this is a range of great tees for the cocktail lover!

8Ball T Shirts
8Ball T Shirts

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