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The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989. With over 30 seasons (and still counting), the Simpsons are known for being highly recognizable and beloved characters
Top 10 Facts About Homer Simpson | 8Ball T-Shirts 8Ball

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989. With over 30 seasons (and still counting), the Simpsons are known for being highly recognizable and beloved characters, and there’s a lot of trivia about each one of them. Here are 10 Homer Simpson facts that even long-time fans of the series may not know!

1. Homer Jay Simpson

Homer’s middle name is Jay, which Homer only learned in the Season 10 episode “D’oh-in’ In the Wind” after going on a journey to visit old friends of his mother’s and discover what the J in his middle name stood for. Homer was actually given the middle initial “J” as a nod to Rocky and Bullwinkle from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Both characters in that show had the middle initial J as a reference to Jay Ward, who created their show.

2. Homer Simpson In The Baseball Hall Of Fame


The 1992 Simpsons episode “Homer at the Bat” shows Homer on his nuclear power plant’s softball team. In May 2017, in honor of the episode’s 25th anniversary, Homer was “inducted” into the baseball Hall of Fame. He received a plaque with his full name written on it, featured in the museum’s Simpson-themed exhibit. 

“Homer at the Bat” was also the first Simpsons episode to beat the rankings of The Cosby Show when it first aired on TV, and it is widely considered to be one of the five essential Simpsons episodes that is fondly remembered nearly three decades after its original air date.

3. Homer Simpson: Greatest Of All Time?


In 2010, Homer was ranked the #1 Greatest Character Created for TV or Film In the Past 20 Years in an Entertainment Weekly poll.

4. Homer Simpson Loves To Travel


In the show, Homer has been seen visiting all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

5. Homer Simpson Is Distantly Related To His Boss


Homer’s boss, Mr. Burns, is Homer’s grandfather’s fourth cousin, meaning that the two are distant relatives. This was revealed in Matt Groening’s book The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album. This book was also the first appearance of at least nine characters who later appeared on the show in later years: Hugo Simpson I, Montgomery Burns, Daphne Burns, Yuma Hickman, Wainwright Mort Krupp, Alvarine Bisque, Woody Sheeden, Remus Krupp, and Winifred Running Goat.

6. Sector 7G


Homer works in Sector 7G of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. This sector name comes from the production codes of the very first Simpsons episode.

7. Homer Simpson’s Many Jobs


Homer had 188 different jobs in the first 400 episodes of the series.

8. The Monorail Episode Wasn’t Edited


Season 4 Episode 12, “Marge vs. the Monorail,” is a famous episode because it was written by Conan O’Brien in one take. Nothing was added or deleted from his first writing of the script, including the song “Monorail Song.”

9. Homer The Narcoleptic


David Cohen pitched an episode called “Homer the Narcoleptic” many times while working on the Simpsons. It is thought that one reason the episode was never produced is that the title essentially sums up the episode.

10. Homer’s Email Address


Homer stated in the show that his email was The episode’s writer, Matt Selman, had claimed the email in advance. Minutes after the episode was aired, the inbox was completely filled with messages from viewers. Be cautious if you ever receive an email from this address, however: It was hacked several years ago and used to send malware. 


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