The Best T-Shirts to Give Your Dad as a Father’s Day Gift

The Best T-Shirts to Give Your Dad as a Father’s Day Gift 8Ball

Fathers are renowned for keeping the family tight, especially during challenging situations. For this reason, we should all show appreciation for their efforts. While this can be done anytime, the best way to do it is during Father's Day, celebrated every third Sunday of June. The easiest way is to get them a gift, such as a t-shirt.

Dads love t-shirts, especially if it's related to something they like. For example, if they like playing video games, get them a video game t-shirt or a graphic tee. If they like sports, get them a sports-themed t-shirt. The choice ultimately boils down to their preferences. However, this can be tricky because not all dads are the same, and there's always a thought that a shirt doesn't look good, or maybe it's not their style. For this reason, one must know how to get the right t-shirt. We've listed some tips in this article, so read on below.

For the First-Time Dad

For those celebrating this day for the first time, gifting a t-shirt can be the right move. But again, the quality of the t-shirt is essential. If this is their first time, they should get something soft and comfortable. This is not the time to get them something they have not seen before. If they don't like wearing graphic tees, other options are shirts with a family picture or a message. This way, they can wear it with pride because it has their family included.

For the Cool Dad

Rarely do cool dads use t-shirts. However, there are still some exceptions. If a dad is a person who goes to clubs and bars, a t-shirt he likes can be a good choice. A cool dad who has a vast collection of t-shirts will appreciate getting one more in the collection. Simply put, go to a store with cool tees and ask if they can assist the customer in getting the right style.

Graphic tees work best because they have an image of what they like, like a car or a sport. However, if the dad is not into these things, he might appreciate a shirt stating "cool dad."

For the Dad Who Loves Music

If a dad loves listening to music, a good choice would be a shirt with his favourite band. This way, he can go out wearing his favourite music piece. Alternatively, this can be a band with an excellent album cover. Sometimes, it can be an old-school t-shirt, which refers to a 1980s and 1990s trend.

For the Affectionate Dad

If your dad is an affectionate person but has no special day, you can be the one to set a day to show your appreciation. This can be done by buying him a shirt with a picture of you and him together. This way, he can never forget the day you gave him the gift.

For the Gamer Dad

If your dad loves games, you can go for a unique shirt with some kind of video game character. Several companies have shirts with famous characters from games like Pokémon, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Other companies have shirts that are inspired by games. For example, some have a shirt with Lara Croft or similar characters.

For the Comedian Dad

If your dad is a comedian, you can get him a hilarious t-shirt with a message that will make him laugh. Some messages can be "I have the key to my heart. Do you want the code?" or "My wife says I'm childish, but I don't care." Punchlines work best when a funny person delivers them, so if you have a comedian dad, it's an excellent idea to give him a t-shirt with a funny punchline.


Overall, the message of a tee is crucial. Knowing your dad's style is the best way to get a message that makes sense. He should also like the message; this can be done by knowing his sense of humour and his favourite band or artist. Once these factors are known, getting the right shirt will be easy.

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