Where To Buy ‘The Snuggle Is Real’ T shirt?

Where To Buy ‘The Snuggle Is Real’ T shirt?

Where To Buy ‘The Snuggle Is Real’ T shirt?

True bookworms know the sadness and anguish that comes once you’ve reached the finale of your book. But for this little fella it’s all a bit too much!

The Saddest Bookworm shows a 90 second video of a young mum reading ‘I am a bunny’ to her son, following the tales of a bunny called Nicholas. Once she reaches the end of the story and closes the book, her baby son starts welling up and sobs his little heart out.

Order and chaos is restored when his mum reopens it again. But just to top how adorable this baby is anyway, he is wearing a ‘The Snuggle is Real’ baby grow. Aw!

Unsurprisingly, the video has gone viral after being uploaded onto YouTube and everyone’s talking about the baby in ‘The Snuggle is Real’ t-shirt. But if you’re not sure where to buy one from, worry no more – you can now pick up your very own ‘Saddest Bookworm’ t-shirt right here at 8Ball:

If you’ve not come across this baby’s struggle (or should we say snuggle), go check it out in the video above or click on the image to pick up a ‘Snuggle is Real’ baby grow for yourself.

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