10 Roles That Would Be Better With Danny Dyer

10 Roles That Would Be Better With Danny Dyer

10 Roles That Would Be Better With Danny Dyer

If you follow our social media channels at all, you'll have seen an awful lot of Danny Dyer pictures recently. Out of the blue, it seems the Essex-based star has become a bit of a favourite. More specifically, we've been enjoying photoshopping him into movie roles / posters. Here's our favourites:

1, Doctor Who

Where it all started! Peter Capaldi is stepping down and we knew who we wanted to fill his shoes. As you can see at the top of the page, we think he'd do just fine.


2, Dune

The remake for Dune was announced and got a director. Surely there's room for Danny? "Sardaukar? Who the fack are the Sardaukar, bunch of muppets you slaaaaaag"


3, 50 Shades Darker

Adding Danny to the sexually charged 50 Shades series would help it to relate to the common man. Might be unbelievable, mainly because Christian Grey could not keep Ana interested if Dyer was around


4, Han Solo 

Quite a few fans are unsure about whether or not the stand-alone Han Solo Movie is a good idea. We have one way of winning them over. Cast Danny as the scruffy-looking nerf herder himself. 


5, Man Down

Shia the beef is ok, but his frequent bouts of insanity make him kinda hard to relate to. What we need is a British version, a guy who could pour passion into this powder keg role. It has to be Danny Dyer.


6, Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is bowing out of his long-running Marvel role. Who can take his place though? We need someone who doesn't take crap, who talks no nonsense. In Short, we need Danny Dyer.


7, Captain America

Another Marvel character. Danny may not be American but that's OK. By casting an Essex lad it helps improve the movies profile outside of the US. Plus, he looks good in the suit.


8, Personal Shopper

Originally planned for Kristen Stewart, the role is a ghost story that takes place in the underground world of fashion in Paris. Now Kristen would be alright, but when it comes to ghost hunting and stylish shopping, it's Dyer all the way.


9, Fist fight

Originally Danny Dyer was cast for this role but nobody wanted to see him fight Ice Cube because the winner was never in doubt. So they replaced him with Charlie Day. Which is OK I guess.



10, Downfall.

An Essex lad playing the Fuhrer may seem a little off, but in reality, there are few people who could pull it off. A cockney version of the final days of Hitler is what we really need. 


Bonus - Stranger Things season 2.

Not content to place him into movie posters, we also thought he needed a shot at the trailers as well. So we put him into the Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer along with the Monster Squad. 

Thanks to @bobcatbenoir for his great help in making some of these posters. Do you have any ideas for Danny Dyer? Let us know. 





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