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Then and Now: Back To The Future

by 8Ball T Shirts June 12, 2014 0 Comments

Having already checked out The Goonies and The Phantom Menace, in the latest of our Then and Now series we take a look at the time travelling cast of Back to the Future, 30 years since its original release.

With director Robert Zemeckis at the helm, Back to the Future was the highest grossing film of 1985 leading to a franchise that has generated over $950 million in the box office.

But what have the cast been up to since the DeLorean was declared SORN..?

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Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly

Originally replacing Eric Stoltz in the lead role, Fox played the time-travelling Marty McFly in each film of the trilogy.  Since hanging up his hoverboard in Back to the Future Part III, Fox appeared in the first four seasons of the ABC sitcom Spin City as well as guest spots on Scrubs and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Most recently his self-titled sitcom The Michael J. Fox Show, which was inspired by his own battle with Parkinson’s disease, was cancelled by NBC after one season.

Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown

Great Scott! Lloyd portrayed arguably the maddest, mad scientist in film Doc Brown throughout the Back to the Future trilogy.

In the years afterwards he could be seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit as Judge Doom, The Addams Family series as Uncle Fester, and is rumoured to be in the upcoming Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Lea Thompson as Lorraine Baines-McFly

Appearing in all three movies in the trilogy Thompson is seen on-screen as Lorraine Baines in 1955 and as Marty’s mother Lorraine Baines-McFly in 1985 and 2015.

As well as appearing in films such as The Beverly Hillbillies, Howard the Duck and Jaws 3-D, Thompson has had a main role in the ABC Family series Switched at Birth since 2011.

Crispin Glover as George McFly

Despite being three years younger than his on-screen son, Glover played Marty’s dad in the first movie of the trilogy who was the main target of Biff’s bullying back in 1955.

Since then, Glover’s appeared in many films including Rubin and Ed, Charlie’s Angels, Epic Movie, Alice in Wonderland and Hot Tub Time Machine.  Glover did not return for parts II and III and was replaced by Jeffrey Weissman.

Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen

Wilson starred in all three of the Back to the Future films in three different roles: Biff Tannen, Griff Tannen and Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen.

Since Back to the Future, Wilson has appeared as a voiceover artist, as Coach Ben Fredricks in Freaks and Geeks and just loves it when you ask him the same questions…

Claudia Wells as Jennifer Parker

Initially the role of Jennifer was to be played by Melora Hardin ( The Office, Monk) alongside Eric Stoltz ( Pulp Fiction) as Wells was already contracted to another TV show.  However, as Michael J. Fox agreed to combine his schedule shooting BTTF and sitcom Family Ties, both roles were re-cast.

For family reasons, Wells did not return for Part II and Part III and was replaced by the now CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Elisabeth Shue.

Michael ‘Flea’ Balzary as Douglas J. Needles

Leading off from the first 4 Red Hot Chilli Peppers albums, including the breakthrough record Mother’s Milk, Flea appears as Needles in Part II and Part III as somewhat of an antagonist to Marty.

Since then, the Chilli Peppers have released a further 6 studio albums with Flea on the bass, and he has had fleeting acting roles in The Big Lebowski, The Wild Thornberrys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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