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Bank Holiday Sale at 8ball

by 8Ball T Shirts May 27, 2016 0 Comments

May has to be one of our favourite months of the year here at 8ball, the cold weather (hopefully) starts to turn into sunshine and warmth, the summer officially starts and we get not one but two Bank Holiday weekends! The thought of another four day working week has everyone at 8ball Towers dancing in their seats as we start to plan trips away, BBQs with family and friends and most importantly beer garden time!

Being the generous type we wanted to share our Bank Holiday excitement with you once again dear reader so we are offering an amazing discount on all 8ball Originals tees. That’s right, there is 15% off some of your favourite 8ball tees including many of our best sellers and our new popular range of slogan t-shirts.

We know what you’re thinking, with so many amazing 8ball Originals where do I start? How about checking out our five favourites from the 8ball Originals range!

Inspired by Aliens – Weyland Yutani Corp

This Alien inspired t shirt features a distressed and scratched style print of the logo of the company which was responsible for terraforming the planet which Ripley encountered the Alien on in the first Alien movie, and also went back to in Aliens, LV-426. Usually referred to simply as ‘The Company’, this mega corporation are more interested in capturing the Aliens to use as weapons than they are concerned with the lives of their employees!

As Worn By Rowdy Roddy Piper – Hot Rod

“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble-gum and I’m all out of bubble-gum!” Long before that panda forced the WWF to change its name to the WWE, Roddy Piper was one of the true legends of the ‘sport’. In addition to being one of the top players in the games, Piper also hosted his own interview section “Piper’s Pit” in which he talked to (and usually ended up fighting with) other wrestling stars.

As Worn By Arnold Schwarzenegger – Arnold Is Numero Uno

Mr-Universe-turned-Hollywood-megastar-turned-California-Governer: Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger himself! This tee is from back before Arnold became a world famous celebrity and it was brought back to prominence when Arnold’s opponents in the race to become Governor of California tried to smear his name by using footage of Arnie smoking what might have been more than just tobacco while wearing this tee. Show some love for the king of 80’s action flicks with this tee!

8ball Slogan Tees

A t-shirt that says what we’re all thinking right? How many times have you just wanted to shout, “Fuck You I’m a Unicorn!” during the day? Here in the 8ball office we’ve said it twice already this morning and we haven’t had our early morning cup of coffee yet! Check out our full range of slogan tees featuring some of the best lyrics and quotes of all time. These shirts are available in four colours, why don’t you let your clothes do the talking.

Cat In The Hat – Thing 1/2/3

This children’s dress up t-shirt is the classic red shirt with the ‘Thing 1/2’ logo as worn by The Cat in the Hat’s helpers in Dr. Seuss’s children’s story. Now your little one(s) can become Thing One and Thing Two for any costume party over the Bank Holiday and beyond. Also available in adult sizes in the Fancy Dress section of the website so you and your little ones can be Thing one, two and even three!

On top of this amazing Bank Holiday discount, don’t forget that if you buy three 8ball Originals you get one free! Simply look out for the Golden Tee items. Don’t forget to show us your best 8ball tee selfie by posting on our Facebook wall or by hitting us up on Twitterand Instagramwith the hashtag #8balltees.

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