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Gifts For Fathers Day: 10 Tees For Dear Old Dad

by 8Ball T Shirts June 03, 2016 0 Comments

Father’s Day, that one day of the year (now that the football season is over) where it is all about him, the one day of the year where you stand back and say, “Thanks dad, you’re pretty awesome!” Your old man has been there for you your whole life, from scraped knees in the park to sharing and probably paying for a couple of pints on a Friday night so getting the perfect gift is a must!

Now we know that the run down to father’s day can be pretty stressful, as what do you buy for the luckiest man in town, the guy who has you as a son/daughter? As tempting as it is to get another pair of novelty socks, box of chocolates and World’s Greatest Dad mug, why don’t you treat your old man this year with one of his favourite tees from his favourite online store… 8ball of course!

We’ve put together a list of ten different t-shirts that will make perfect gifts for Fathers Day that both you and your pops will love. He will love the designs and you will love the 1-2 day delivery time!


Euro Gonna Get a Great Shirt!

Get your Dad ready for Euro 2016 with our range of fantastic football tees. Featuring the classic Jamie Vardy quote, “Chat shit, get banged”, a French twist on a Jamie Vardy party and our favourite, a WWE/THFC collaboration starring The Big Red Machine (Harry) Kane!

… Like A Normal Dad, Just Way More Awesome

What kind of dad do you have? Is he a snooker dad? A kick-boxing dad or a surfing dad? Is he simply a bearded dad? Get him to show off what you find special about him and what makes him just like a normal dad just way more awesome with this range of tees.

Manufactured In The…

You can mark the birth year of your old man by showing everyone just how old he is. There is no hiding behind Just for Men hair dye with this new Manufactured In The XX t-shirt. It is available in every decade from the forties right up to the nineties. The caption on each t-shirt reads ‘Manufactured in the XX, All Genuine Original Parts, Only Minor Cosmetic Repairs Required.’

Wear What You’re Thinking

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”, “What if I say I’m not like the others?”, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” Is your dad a fan of Bowie, The Foo Fighters or John Lennon? If so check out our full range of slogan tees featuring some of the best lyrics and quotes of all time. These shirts are available in four colours, why don’t you let his clothes do the talking for a change.

Mindfun – Unique T-shirts For a Happy Mind & Soul.

Brand new to Mindfun is the World’s Best Dad t-shirt featuring a complex tie illustration just waiting for a splash of colour. A perfect gift for Father’s Day this year. This colour your own t-shirt is a fun activity for everyone to get involved with. You can spend some quality time with the family whilst embracing his creative side. Finally a tie that Dad will actually enjoy wearing!

Only The Best For The Best

Only the very best-loved, very finest designs in 8Ball history make it to the hallowed ground of the 8Ball Black Tag collection. We take your favourite t shirts and give them the premium treatment, refining the design and hand-printing onto excellent, high-quality, fully sustainable garments. Black Tag products are supplied in awesome recycled presentation boxes, making them the perfect gifts for Fathers Day!

Like Father Like Son/Daughter

Mums, were looking at you for this one. Get the little and larger ones in your life one of our parent and kid combo tees. Featuring hilarious combinations of CTRL + C and CTRL + P (copy and paste), Gun and Son of a Gun and Star Wars style Master and Apprentice tees.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You Me…Deadpool”

Here at 8ball we have to say that Deadpool is definitely our favourite film of the year so far and only the best films get the best range of tees! Check out our full range of Deadpool inspired teesfeaturing some of our favourite quotes from the Ryan Reynolds hit. We tried to include all of our favourite lines but there were simply too many!

Choose Your Weapon…

Has there ever been an instrument as innately cool as the electric guitar? Sure, there was probably a time when the harpsichord was considered cool but we all know that Beethoven and co. would have been electric guitar players given the option. This cool t shirt, an 8ball best seller, features a graphic showing many of the most famous guitars in the world, along with the slogan ‘Choose Your Weapon’.

Better Than A Dad Joke…

Finally, for those of you that love a simple gimmick tee we have a selection of t shirts just for you. From the “Hello my name is Dad” name badge to the Caution Dad at Work tee check out the hilarious range of dad tees that will make perfect gifts for Fathers Day.


Don’t forget to show us you and your dad’s best 8ball tee selfie by posting on our  Facebook wall or by hitting us up on Twitterand Instagramwith the hashtag #8balltees.

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