Best T-Shirt Quotes Ever

Best T-Shirt Quotes Ever

Best T-Shirt Quotes Ever

Are you looking for a new t-shirt, but aren’t sure which quote you want to display. Let’s check out some of the best t-shirt quotes that you should consider.

Free Shrugs

This funny T-shirt is inspired by the guy who walked about with a sign that said “FREE SHRUGS.” Who was inspired by the popular “FREE HUGS” signs that have been around for many years. Available in men’s and women’s fit.

Meat Is Murder Tasty, Tasty Murder

The red, dripping, horror movie font really makes this shirt that much funnier. Yeah, sad that animals die, but I also really really like steak, so what’s a person to do? Weird, only available in women’s fit.

I Was Addicted To The Hokey Pokey But I turned Myself Around

Perfect for people who thought they were at the end of their hokey pokey ropes. I wonder how they did it. Did they get themselves into a 12 (dance) step program? Good for them.

Never Trust An Atom They Make Up Everything

You just can’t trust anything these days. What is the world coming to?

Hard Work Pays Off Tomorrow Laziness Pays Off Today

Eh. I’ll write about this t-shirt tomorrow. Probably. Or not.

5 Out Of 6 People Enjoy Russian Roulette

Well, that got dark, didn’t it? But then again, have you read this history of the ‘game’? It was said to have been used in Russian prisons. Guards would force prisoners to play, and betting was involved. Don’t try this game at home please.

Back In My Day We Had 9 Planets

Pluto was discovered in 1930 and for 76 years it was considered a planet. Then they decided to declassify it from planet to dwarf planet in 2006. There was a lot of outrage on behalf of poor Pluto. There will always be 9 planets in my heart. Available in men’s and women’s fit

I Didn’t Fight My Way To The Top Of The Food Chain To Be A Vegetarian
This shirt is available in black, charcoal, and indigo in sizes Small to 3XL. So, no matter your size or color preferences you can make your opinions known about your stance on vegetarianism. 

There Are 10 Types Of People: Those Who Understand Binary And Those That Don’t
Even if you don’t understand binary it should be pretty easy to just use contextual clues to figure out that 10 is 2 in binary. That’s all. 

I Can Explain It To You, But I Can’t Understand It For You

I could take the time to explain this shirt to you, and why it’s so funny, but I can’t understand it for you. 

All of these shirts mentioned are WRAP certified, but also REACH compliant, and of course Fair Labor Association accredited. 8ball T-Shirts is dedicated to sustainability, and all of their original clothes are printed in the UK using Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified water-based ink. 


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