Refresh your Wardrobe with our Finest Vintage T Shirts

Refresh your Wardrobe with our Finest Vintage T Shirts 8Ball

It's that time of year again, when the weather starts to warm up and we all begin to think about refreshing our wardrobes for the upcoming season. If you're looking to stand out from the boring norm check out 8 Balls finest tees, with our vintage t shirts!

These are our top vintage t shirts, hit us up on our socials to tell us your top favourites, funny, eclectic, left field and slightly offensive 

Wham - Choose Life 

Absolute 80's Classic as worn by the legend George Michael, who wouldn't want to wear this at a summer festival or BBQ

Choose Life Wham T Shirt

Vyvyan & Neil & Mike & Rick T Shirt

This tee features an illustration of surely the greatest comedy characters of all time Vyvyan Basterd, Neil Wheedon Watkins Pye, Mike The-Cool-Person and of course Rick! The Young Ones is the best UK comedy of all time. Don't agree? Tough.

Caricature print of the young ones

Hippy Festival T Shirt

So finally after the last two years of nonsense, festival season is on! Travel light and just wear this t-shirt for the whole 4 days of the festival, its fine that you will have beer stains and other stains all over it, we will all be in the same boat

Hippy tie die print t shirt

As Worn By Damon Albarn - California 86 T Shirt

Ah the days of Blur & Oasis, the war of words, who remember, Liam and Damon war of words? No? Well your not as old as us then! What better way could there be to look like an 90's indy rock star than this

Califorina 86 printed green t shirt

Banksy T Shirt - Politics

Propaganda or politics? Could that be true of the last two years with so many hidden agendas or is this the life of politics. Put your stake in the ground by wearing this Bansky design t shirt, the myth the legend that is Banksy who is always on point. 

Banksy Politics design t shirt

So there you have it these are just some of our favourite vintage t shirts, don't like our selection? Oh well, make your own then and we hope you like them and please let us know on Facebook and Instagram your favourite vintage t shirts




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