Let 8ball Stop You Falling Out Of Style This Autumn

Let 8ball Stop You Falling Out Of Style This Autumn

Let 8ball Stop You Falling Out Of Style This Autumn

Let 8ball Stop You Falling Out Of Style This Autumn

Goodbye September and hello October, more importantly hello autumn, hello cooler weather, hello big cosy knits and radiator jumpers. To put it blunt, we freaking love autumn! For at least another six to eight months we don’t have to worry about sweaty and stinky situations, well most of us anyway. No, we won’t name any names…

“But how can I stay my super shit hot self this chilly season” we hear you cry. You already know the answer to that my dear 8baller and the answer comes in three fold:

  1. Finish reading this article
  2. Treat yourself to an 8ball tee and or hoodie
  3. Wear said tee and continue to reek of awesomeness

To stop you falling out of style this autumn (falling - hope you like the pun) we’ve put together the list of all the 8Ball gear that you will need to keep you on top of trends, looking your geeky and fabulous self and to stay warm.

Hot Off The Presses

Let 8ball Stop You Falling Out Of Style This Autumn

Before the Colonial Marines came along with their firepower and equipment, the small crew of the Nostromo had to face the Alien alone in space. Our brand spanking newest 8Ball tee allows you to fight the good fight with the team in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller. But remember, in space no one can hear you scream, about how much you love this new design.

Let 8ball Stop You Falling Out Of Style This Autumn

A love letter to 80's adventure movies, Stranger Things manages to pay homage to several of our favorite cinema moments while still being a new show and story in it's own right.
Here at 8Ball, we have gathered together some of the best Stranger Things t shirts you can find from stylised original designs to replicas inspired by clothing from the show, we have a little something for everyone.

The Best Ho-ho-hoodies In Town

Wrap up warm this pre-holiday season while you wait for the fat guy to show up, drink your brandy, eat the mince pie you left out and empty his sack all over your floor, and when your dad has gone to bed you can listen out for Santa too! Our range of Christmas hoodies are perfect for the “most wonderful time of the year” and feature slogans and moments from some of your favourite Christmas movies.

Challenge 8ball Designs

By now you must’ve heard about the design competition sweeping the nation. Challenge 8ball has been running since June and has uncovered some great talent. The beauty of #Challenge8ball? You don’t need to be a designer to enter, all you need is a great idea and a pencil or two. Check out our full range of #Challenge8ball winners here and if you think you have what it takes to be our next t-shirt designer check out the competition details here.

You Know Plenty Jon Snow

“You nur nothing Jon Snur.” While we all know that everyone’s favourite former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch doesn’t know all that much, you may have read last weekend that everyone’s favourite news reader knows plenty. The original and let’s be honest best of the Jon Snow’s found himself in an article in The Sunday Times style wearing our take on the you know nothing Jon Snow tee, featuring the man himself.

Read the article and check out the featured tee here.


Water-cooler Moments

One of the best things about the autumn is that the quality of television significantly improves. Before you ask if we’ve gone mad, we are not talking about the X-Factor or Strictly. We are talking about the shows that will have everyone talking throughout the season and possibly into next year, and lucky for you we have a tee for each trend.

We can’t wait to see what punishment Negan will give to Rick’s group in the season 7 premiere, will the writers stick to the original story from the comics? Meanwhile we are over here feeling all nostalgic for the better(ish) times for Rick's group with our Welcome to Woodbury series 3 inspired hoodie.

Luke Cage has officially hit Netflix and the Internet is abuzz with theories and reviews of Marvel’s newest show. Show some love for the unbreakable hero of Harlem with our inspired by tee!

Normal people normally scare us but the cast of American Horror Stories sixth season are giving us more than a Roanoke Nightmare! If normal people scare you too, check out our AHS inspired by tee.

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