Mark Hamill Appreciation Day

Mark Hamill Appreciation Day

Mark Hamill Appreciation Day

Mark Hamill Appreciation Day

Happy Mark Hamill Appreciation Day aka Mark Hamill’s 65th birthday. Now we don’t want to bore you with an introduction to this piece. So let’s jump straight into the reasons why Mark Hamill is the king of the world...

Freddy Krueger helped his dreams to come true


Freddy Krueger helped him to get the role of Luke. Some of you may not know this but Robert Englund was passing by the auditions for a new up and coming Sci-Fi movie and thought that his good friend Mark Hamill would be good as the lead role. As we all know the rest is history. Mark Hamill is the only guy in history to benefit from Freddy Krueger. Even Johnny Depp can’t say that.


"The boy has got spunk..."


He is a voice over chameleon, specialising in some of the greatest super-villains of all time. His impressive CV boasts the likes of Hobgoblin from the 1990s Spider-Man animated series, Adrian Ripburger in Full Throttle, Colonel Christopher Blair in Wing Commander, Maximus in Fantastic Four, Gargoyle in The Incredible Hulk, Solomon Grundy and Trickster in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series as well as his most prominent voice over role to date The Joker. A role that he has portrayed across three decades starting in the early 90s in the animated series through to 2016's Batman: The Killing Joke.


He is the king of the cameo


His cameo is one of the best moments in the history of The Simpsons. It was a great look into the world of the poor character actors known for one thing only. “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” has forever been changed to “Luke Be A Jedi Tonight” in our minds. His surprise role in Jay and Silent Bob as the comic book super-villain Cocknocker was the highlight of a super star packed 104 minutes.


How can you not love that face?


He is a guy who looks after the fans


He spends time signing and personalising autographs and has become a key figure in the action against fake signings, merchandise and autographs. He does all of this while being the only A-Lister to rock the hobo beard (please see Pitt and Gibson for reference).


He does all of this from his secret island…


From his last outing as Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens we can see that he has been living on an island for quite some time. During this time he looks after one of the coolest dogs in the history of everything while winning at Twitter in every way. He is a pop culture icon like no other and he loves comics, he easily tops the list of the five people that the team at 8ball would like to eat dinner with. The other four being the cast of Stranger Things, John Matrix, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Michael Scott.


He works at 8ball


He secretly works full time at 8ball and has been disguising himself as an Engagement Dynamo.


And of course there is this...


Happy birthday Mark!

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