Retro TV Shows That Would Make Great Theme Parties

TV shows might have more cash being spent on them than ever, but the best classic shows are still hard to beat. If you're planning a party and you're looking for a decent theme, then the whole retro theme party has never been so popular. That’s because it’s now very easy to get all of the props, decorations, and outfits that will perfectly match whatever theme you decide on. The real challenge is choosing which retro TV show to pick for your theme. Here are some great ideas that might inspire you, and some unique suggestions for how to decorate.



Lots of slow-motion running and David Hasselhoff jokes, Baywatch is retro TV that doesn't take itself too seriously. Swimsuits and bikinis are going to be popular clothing choices, and a few beach balls should do for your decoration! You could even buy a sandpit to really get into the mood. There are even Baywatch inspired cocktails, which you can make jugs of to keep the party going!


Twin Peaks

Has there ever been a madder TV show than Twin Peaks? Having a retro theme party in the style of Twin Peaks is going to mean your guests have a wide range of options in terms of what to wear. Expect at least one Agent Cooper and one attendee walking around with a log all night. Stock up on cherry pie and the coffee cocktails and the night will be a blast. It might all get a bit too surreal, but it’ll be a great night as long as nobody goes full Laura Palmer.


Only Fools and Horses

Del Boy and Rodney are classic British characters and the long-running TV series is ripe with inspiration for retro theme parties. Take inspiration from the older episodes with some vintage t shirts and you’ll fit right in. There’s bound to be at least one guest wearing a Trigger mask and carrying a broom, but you’ll likely get a Batman and Robin too. From Reliant Robin posters to union jacks and maybe even someone falling through a bar, Only Fools and Horses is one of the more popular retro theme party ideas.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There was a time when BtVS was one of the most popular shows in the world. It’s also the perfect idea for retro theme parties! The decoration is going to be easy, with bats and coffins available all year round, not just at Halloween. Get a few stakes and choose some classic 90s graphic tees that will match the era perfectly. Make sure that you have bloody marys on the drinks list!

 Pin on heey


Is there a retro theme party list that’s going to be complete without mentioning Friends? Still one of the most famous sitcoms in the world, having a Friends-based retro theme party is quick and easy to set up and everyone knows the characters. You could choose one of the main characters or go for the smaller ones like Gunther or Janice (with lots of Oh. My. God.).


There are plenty of retro theme party ideas, and more ways than ever to buy the clothing and the decorations to suit your theme. Pick your favourite retro TV show and start planning your night. Get your invites ready and you could be in for one of the best nights of your life.

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