Funny Office Gifts for your Co-workers & Boss

Funny Office Gifts for your Co-workers & Boss 8Ball

There's rarely a lot of fun in the average workplace, which is why it's always best to be less than sensible when buying presents for co-workers. Sure, you could buy a gift that's practical and useful, but funny office gifts are always the best option. There are some hilarious and funny office gifts available to buy that will add a touch of playfulness to even the dreariest office or workspace. If you're looking for funny gifts for co-worker friends, here are some of the most amusing gifts currently available. Whether it's a leaving present or co-worker birthday gifts you need, here are some ideas that might surprise you as much as your co-workers!


The Screaming Goat

The reactions when you hand over this gift are going to be mixed. The screaming goat book and figure is equal parts annoying and hilarious. When you press the button, the goat makes its famous screaming noise. If your workplace tends to be on the quiet side, this will shatter that peace and quiet! One of the funniest office birthday gifts that you can buy.

 Photo by Aaron Weiss on Unsplash


Getting clothes as a present when you're a child is annoying, but adults love getting clothes as gifts. For the workplace, you can hand over a collection of t-shirts that come with a Funny Slogan. There are lots of options, from the downright rude to the meme collections that everyone will love. When it comes to funny gifts for co-worker friends and colleagues, it's hard to beat a funny slogan tee that can be worn again and again.


The BS Button

Let's face it, most workplaces are stressful and very often frustrating. What better way to vent your frustrations than with a button that you can press at any time to declare an instance of complete BS? If your boss is particularly prone to dishing out the bull, then the BS button is one of those funny office gifts that will get a lot of use. You can even hand it over with your choice of funny slogan t shirts if you really want to spoil your favourite colleague!



There are lots of ways to reduce stress in the workplace, but there's nothing quite as effective as a desktop punch ball stress buster. While punching your colleagues or your boss is rarely a good career move, this is one of the funny office gifts that could save your co-workers from burning out with frustration and pent-up rage. While funny t shirts are the light-hearted and fun gifts to hand out in the workspace, a stress-busting punch ball is extremely satisfying.


Transform your workplace with some funny presents for colleagues. Most offices and workplaces are boring and stressful. Inject a little fun into those dreary places with some inventive co-worker birthday gifts and onboarding presents. Every workplace needs to have a little humour in it, and what better way to achieve that than with some funny presents for colleagues that might even make those you work with more enthusiastic about getting out of bed in the morning?

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