The Top 20 Game of Thrones Deaths Ranked

From the list of over 5,000 Game of Thrones deaths we have compiled the list of the top 20 death scenes using something that we like to call “The Not Cool George” formula. The formula simply put is:

(Lovability + vulnerability) x what the hell did I just see
………grizzly end

The Top 20 Game of Thrones Deaths Ranked 8Ball

Warning this post is dark and full of spoilers…

Times are hard in the Game of Thrones universe, not only is winter coming but characters that you learn to love and some that you hate are almost always guaranteed to meet their maker in the most grizzly of ways. It’s hard to get attached to characters as we all know that George RR Martin will head off, pick up his pen and off goes their head/they receive a sword through the chest/they have their throat slit (delete where appropriate). Looking at the cut-throat attitude that he has to the characters in his books we wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of the guy or have to let him down in anyway.

Death is a constant presence in the series since its very first scenes, through almost six seasons we have seen over 5,000 deaths from unnamed townsfolk and knights to loveable characters, literal bastards and lead protagonists. From this list of over 5,000 Game of Thrones deaths we have compiled the list of the top 20 death scenes using something that we like to call “The Not Cool George” formula. The formula simply put is:

(Lovability + vulnerability) x what the hell did I just see
………grizzly end


So here it is the 8ball list of the top 20 Game of Thrones deaths.


  1. Viserys Targaryen

Viserys, the “dragon king” didn’t make it out of the first series but he did get the golden crown he was always going on about and he offered us our first Game of Thrones WTF moment.

  1. Ramsay Bolton

Ding dong the bastards dead! Not only did we get to hear him being attacked by his hounds but we finally got to see Sansa Stark get her revenge over her sausage slaying husband.

  1. Joffrey Baratheon

We knew that this had to happen at some point, but we were all shocked to see the King finally meet his end at his own wedding. Even the hardest of viewers had to feel for him when he lay there scratching at his throat and suggesting to his mother to make it stop… No maybe not, we were just glad to see an end to his reign of terror!

  1. Tywin Lannister

A death fit for the king of rock and roll and the king of the Lannister household. Tywin Lannister’s death makes this list for cheers heard up and down the country as poor Tyrion finally got his revenge on his dear old dad.

  1. Ser Barristan Selmy

Daenerys Targaryen’s trusted aide and adviser was killed fighting the Sons of the Harpy. This was one of the first times that the TV show differed from the books as Barristan the Bold is still alive in hardback!

  1. Renly Baratheon

Murdered by the shadow demon ghost child of your older brother and his witch of a mistress? Sounds a bit like an episode of Jeremy Kyle to us.

  1. Robert Baratheon

The reason behind most of the deaths on this list. If only Robert had stayed at home instead of going on one of his hunting trips maybe there would be a few more Starks with their heads attached to their shoulders!

  1. Jojen Reed

RIP the little kid from Love Actually.

  1. Ros

One of the biggest losers in the great game that is Kings Landing. Poor Ros got on the wrong side of Littlefinger and received more than just her P45 when she was sent to the King’s chambers.

  1. Maester Aemon

One of the only characters to not meet a grizzly end but to die of old age, Maester Aemon get major kudos for not letting the Nights Watch kill Jon Snow when he returned from his time with the Wildlings.

  1. Rickon Stark

If you listen carefully you can still hear faint whispers of “Run Rickon, run! Serpentine, serpentine!” Poor Rickon must know rule 101 of running away from arrows.

  1. Rodrik Cassel

A man that defended the Starks even while Theon’s sword went through his neck and while it went through his neck again. Seriously that was one messed up beheading!

  1. Robb Stark

Robb Stark should top this list as the Red Wedding was by far the most shocking moment in television history. But he sits here in 8th place because it was all his fault! If only he had gone and married a Frey girl as promised then he might not even be on this list at all.

  1. Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell makes this list for the sheer shock and gruesomeness of his death at the hands of The Mountain. We really thought that this guy would be our new favourite character when he popped up in Kings Landing at the beginning of season 4.

  1. Ygritte

“You nur nothing Jon Snur”. Ygritte met her end at the hands of Olly at the Battle of Castle Black. Jon crying as he had to burn the body of the first woman he ever loved… They should’ve just stayed in that cave forever!

  1. Shireen Baratheon

Sacrificed by her own father at the hands of Melisandre, Shireen’s screams still haunt our dreams almost a whole series after her death.

  1. Osha

It was the moment we had all been waiting for. We were finally going to see the end of Ramsay Bolton, Osha would live on to be a wealthy woman and lead a great life full of… nope he just stuck a knife in her throat, damn!

  1. Catelyn Stark

Having to watch your eldest son die and a loving mother even in the face of death, poor Catelyn just wanted what was best for her children.

  1. Hodor

Hodor hodor hodor. Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor… *sobs*

  1. Ned Stark

Ned was the lead character in the first series, a wise and noble man and a great dad. How is he repaid? He loses his head. This was the first time that we realised that no character was too big or too important for George RR Martin to add to the list of Game of Thrones deaths.

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So there it is our list of the top 20 Game of Thrones deaths ranked on “The Not Cool George” formula. Do you think that we have missed anyone off the list? If so let us know in the comments below or head on over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and lets discuss!

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