Top 7 Star Wars Gifts for Fans in 2021

Star Wars has never been bigger. The first trilogy might have changed cinema, but even today the Star Wars universe continues to grow. From must-watch TV like The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch, to comics, games, and more films in the pipeline, fans have a lot to look forward to. The problem is that with every new character or film, there then comes a whole new range of new merch to buy! Buying Star Wars gifts has always meant having to decide between thousands of options, and now there are so many gifts for Star Wars fans that you could fill a Death Star or blanket a forest moon. If you're looking for Star Wars gifts for men, women, or the kids, here are some of the best currently available.


A Disney+ Subscription

Since Disney purchased the Star Wars franchise, it’s gone through many changes. When it comes to buying Star Wars gifts, it’s hard to beat signing someone up for access to the Disney+ streaming service. Not only does it have all of the original movies, the prequels, and the sequels on it already, but you also give the Star Wars fan in your life access to The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch, and The Clone Wars. There’s more on the way too. With The Mandalorian filming a new season and eagerly awaited new series like Obi-Wan Kenobi all in production, a Disney+ subscription is one of the best Star Wars gifts for kids and adults alike.


Star Wars Games

There have been a lot of Star Wars computer and console games. Some have been a bit lackluster, but there are still some excellent ones available. If you’re looking for Star Wars Christmas gifts for the gamers in your life, you can’t go wrong with something like Star Wars: Squadrons. Available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Squadrons lets you pilot a starfighter and you can even connect with your friends online for some truly epic space battles. If you have a VR kit for your PS4 or your PC, you can even play that way. Truly immersive. Combine this gift with some classic Star Wars merch and the fan in your life will be extremely happy.

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Star Wars Lego

There have been some amazing Star Wars Lego sets released in the last decade. While something like the Lego Death Star or the Lego Millennium Falcon might be a little pricey, there are almost too many other options! Star Wars gifts in the form of Lego are always going to be valued, and everyone knows that Lego is awesome fun for all ages. When it comes to Star Wars gifts for kids or adults, hours of fun can be had with the Lego version of the Razor Crest. The Mandalorian’s ship is a striking design, and it’s reported to be a challenging build but not too difficult. If the thought of spending a few hours putting bricks onto other bricks sounds like fun, then check out the full range of Star Wars Lego. You’ll be sure to find the Star Wars gifts that will entertain and educate.


Wearable Star Wars Gifts

Of course, nothing beats clothing when it comes to displaying your geek credentials. If you’re looking for Star Wars gifts for women, men, and children, then funny Star Wars shirts are pretty much a no-brainer. The Star Wars fan in your life will love displaying their fandom wherever they go, and when it comes to Star Wars gifts for fans, a classic t-shirt is very hard to beat. Look through the list of tees that are considered the best Star Wars merchandise UK and order the one that most suits the recipient. You have lots of options to choose from! Don't forget that a Star Wars t-shirt is also a great complimentary gift that goes well with any other Star Wars gift!

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Grogu (Baby Yoda)

Everyone fell in love with the mischievous and mysterious Baby Yoda when it was finally revealed in The Mandalorian. Now, everyone wants one, and you're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the best Grogu for your Star Wars fan. There are life-sized plushies, Lego versions, and even Build-A-Bear versions! A Grogu isn’t just one of the best Star Wars gifts for kids...everyone loves baby Yoda. When you’re looking for Star Wars gifts for fans, you’ll never go wrong with a Baby Yoda, even if its fate in Season 3 has yet to be determined.


A Wampa Rug

If you want the Star Wars gift that keeps your loved ones warm, then you can’t go wrong with a rug made of a dead Wampa! This has been one of the most popular Star Wars Christmas gifts for years, simply because it’s hilarious yet well made. The winter months might not quite be as cold as Hoth, but your Wampa rug will always remind you that you have options when it comes to keeping warm. The best thing about this most popular of the available Star Wars Christmas gifts is that no Wampas were harmed in its creation.


Star Wars Toys

The toy line for Star Wars has always been incredible, and that’s as true now as it was in 1977. The sheer range of options is often a little overwhelming simply because there’s just too much to choose from. For the adult Star Wars fans in your life, consider looking at the Hasbro Black Series figures. These 6-inch figures can be a little pricey, but they look incredible. The figure of Dark Rey from The Rise of Skywalker has proven extremely popular and could be one of the best Star Wars gifts for men and women to check out. If that doesn’t look perfect, then check out the Sideshow Collectible range. These can be extremely expensive, but they’re ornaments rather than toys and well worth the expense. Probably not the best option for the kids though. Buy a Sideshow Collectible for the adults and stick to a Star Wars kids t-shirt for the younger fans.


These are some of the most popular Star Wars gifts currently available. Of course, there are so many gifts for Star Wars fans available that you’d never run out of internet pages to load if you were doing your own research. Take our advice and stick to the Star Wars gifts listed here. They’re all top-quality and much sought after by fans of the galaxy far, far away.

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