Top 9 Marvel Gifts and Merchandise 2021

Looking for Marvel gift ideas? Then you're in the right place. The MCU has turned Marvel into one of the biggest franchises in the world, as we explode into Phase Four, there are lots of treats to come. For Marvel fans, there are plenty of gifts available that make for the perfect present. From Iron Man gifts that can be played with to Avenger merchandise UK, you're truly spoiled for choice when it comes to Marvel accessories and gifts. Here’s a quick look at some of the bestselling and most amazing Marvel gifts that are suitable for men, women, and children.

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The Comics

If the Marvel fan in your life has only been exposed to the MCU then a fantastic gift will always be the source material. Marvel comics are easier to buy than ever before. You don’t even have to head to your local comic shop! Now, you can order Marvel comics online for physical copies of the books that have inspired the MCU. If you’re looking for more digital Marvel gifts, then a subscription to Comixology or Marvel Unlimited means getting access to a lot of bargains to read.

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The Movies

The MCU is an exciting and varied film franchise. From the cold-war spy thriller that is Captain America and The Winter Soldier to the sheer genius of Endgame, what makes for better Marvel gifts than the entire film series on DVD or Blu-Ray? There are lots of ways to buy the entire film series, and some incredible box sets available to match most budgets. The alternative to this option is to buy a Disney+ subscription, which will be one of the Marvel gifts that never ends. With new Marvel shows and films dropping straight onto the streaming service Marvel fans will always have something to watch.


Wearable Marvel Gifts

Marvel fans love it when other people start a discussion of their favourite fandom! What better way to get those conversations started than with a classic Marvel t shirt? When it comes to Marvel gifts for men and women alike, a Marvel t-shirt is hard to beat and one of the more wallet-friendly options to consider. You have lots of options too! There are so many Marvel wearables available these days that you could wear a different Marvel t-shirt every day for a year without ever running out (although your wardrobe might get a little full!).


Infinity Gauntlet Phone Charger

Only available for the iPhone, this is not one of the Marvel gifts that is suitable for everyone. Not only do you need an iPhone, but the Infinity Gauntlet charger is also extremely pricey! Available from the phone company Caviar, this stunning recreation is covered in real gold and contains six semi-precious stones. That’s why the price tag is so hefty! You may need the bank account of Tony Stark if you're planning this as one of the Marvel gifts you’re buying. If you can’t quite justify the price tag, stick to more reasonable Marvel gifts like Comic Book Hoodies or something that even Peter Parker could afford.


Film Props

When it comes to Marvel gifts, it’s hard to beat accessories from the MCU. You don’t have to be a cosplayer to get Captain America’s shield or a replica of the Eye of Agamotto. These kinds of props make the best Marvel gifts because they make for fantastic ornaments, and they tend to fit in anywhere that a Marvel fan lives. Replicas of the most important MCU props are often very affordable but finding the real props that were actually used in the film and TV series is a lot more challenging. The price tag on these is going to be very high, so stick to replicas and you’ll still be giving one of the best and most sought after Marvel presents around.


Superhero Costumes

You don’t have to hand-make superhero costumes these days. You can buy Spider-Man suits, Loki’s outfit, or Thor's armour from a wide range of outlets. They're great for kids or for fancy dress parties and comic conventions! Get child or adult sizes and have a themed party, or opt for the more subtle approach and get yourself a cool Iron Man t shirt. From Black Panther to the Falcon, if you're looking for Marvel merch then it’s hard to beat a full-on superhero outfit.


X-Men Merch

Although the X-Men aren’t yet a part of the MCU, they're certainly on the way. Get in early with some X-Men gifts that come from the Fox universe, which still has some of the best comic book action ever put to screen. From Days of Future Past to Logan, Marvel fans will love the nostalgia that comes with a Women's Wolverine t shirt that celebrates Logan, or Professor X coffee mug. As the mutants edge closer to the MCU, you can only expect interest in the x-gene to rise.


The Funko Marvel Advent Calendar

If you're looking for Marvel gift ideas for Christmas, then you can’t go wrong with the Pop Funko Marvel Advent Calendar. Every day that you open one of the doors you get an awesome mini Pop Funko Marvel figure! All of your favourite characters are represented, and they’re high-quality enough to make for fantastic decorations. They could even go onto your Christmas tree to make the festive season even more Marvel-ous!


Marvel Homeware

Not one for the kids, but if you're looking for Marvel gifts for adults then MCU themed homeware is always a good choice. From chopping boards that are designed to look like Captain America’s shield to Groot mugs and WandaVision cushions and teacup sets, you could fill your entire home with Marvel accessories and never have enough. If you're buying homeware Marvel and Avengers gifts, you certainly won’t run out of choices.


The MCU continues to grow. With the promise of more to come and exciting new directions for the film series and the TV shows, Marvel fans have never had it so good. With more options for Marvel merch and Avengers gifts than ever, there is something for everyone. Whatever your budget or whichever superhero you prefer, there are Marvel gifts available for all ages.

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