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Who is The Last Jedi?

by 8Ball T Shirts January 27, 2017 0 Comments

So with the film announced the question on every fan's mind is "Who is the Last Jedi?" Here at 8Ball we have mulled it over and we've come up with a few options.

1: The Last Jedi is Luke Skywalker

It's an obvious one but it's often stated that Luke is the last Jedi. After the death of Yoda and Obi Wan there are no more real Jedi, sure Kylo and Snoke are force users, but they have succumbed to the Dark Side. To further add to the evidence, the title crawl for The Force Awakens even goes as far as to call Luke the Last Jedi directly. In the current state of the galaxy, he is the only person we can say for sure is a Jedi. 

2: Rey is the Last Jedi.

Rey is strong in the force, this much is obvious. She can resist mind probes, lightsaber fight with the best of them and she can convince Daniel Craig to do things. She ends up with Luke and the assumption is that he will train her to use her powers, thus becoming a Jedi. While Luke is around she won't be the last one, but if something bad were to happen to him, then she is ready to step up to the title. 

3: It's a plural thing, they are both the last Jedi.

The plural of Jedi is still Jedi, so the title could refer to a group of space wizards and not just one of them. Maybe the last Jedi refers to both Rey and Luke. Together they are the Last Jedi. 

4: Kylo Ren is the last Jedi... kinda.

It was mentioned in an interview with JJ Abrams that Kylo Ren is not a Sith. He wants to go to the Dark side and is being tutored to do so by the powerful Supreme Leader Snoke. However, in the movie he still confesses that he feels the pull of the light. He was trained by Luke to be a Jedi so there is an argument that until he becomes a Sith he is still a Jedi. If Luke kicks the bucket before training Rey, then Kylo could be the last Jedi. 

5: It's someone we haven't seen

There is always the possibility that we haven't been introduced to the last Jedi yet. There are still two movies left to see and some grand space quests to go on and we don't know what the story is. When Luke went into exile he went looking for the lost Jedi temple. Perhaps he found something out and now needs to find the Last Jedi (either singular or plural). 

6: It's because they become something different

There is always a lot of talk of the different sides of the force and the Jedi hold stock in a prophecy to bring balance to it. As the prophecy tends to be based around a single person bringing balance, that person would have to have equal parts light and dark side.  A person in balance would neither be true Jedi or proper Sith. Perhaps it's the last Jedi not because they are wiped out, but because they evolve into something else. 
It's worth noting that the Star Wars movies titles are generally not that cryptic. Clones attack, The Empire does indeed strike back and a Jedi returns. So it's likely that Occam's razor is in effect and it's talking about Luke or Rey. Still, JJ may still throw us a curveball for fun.
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