90 Best Entertainment Blogs, Twitter Accounts & Podcasts You Need To Follow

We’ve scoured high and low to bring you the coolest pop culture websites covering movies, music, television, video games and everything in between. There are some big name entertainment sites we haven’t included, but we’ve included some you might not yet be acquainted with. Get those bookmarks at the ready and find your whole year’s worth of geek in one go…

90 Best Entertainment Blogs, Twitter Accounts & Podcasts You Need To Follow 8Ball

There’s so much entertainment and pop culture news out there that it can be tricky to keep track of it all. We’re also amazed at the amount of amazing entertainment blogs and sites on the web, and we wanted to share with you some of the best ones we found.

We’ve scoured high and low to bring you just a handful of the coolest pop culture websites, covering movies, music, television, video games and everything in between. There are some big name entertainment sites we haven’t included, because you probably already read them, but we’ve included some you might not yet be acquainted with. Get those bookmarks at the ready and find your whole year’s worth of geek in one go…


Pissed Off Geek

Pissed Off Geek has some great up-to-date content, with news on new movie posters, DVD reviews and funky pop culture artwork. There seems to be a bit of a horror focus here, so is great if you like the crazier side of your entertainment news.

Culture Fix

A site where you can get your fix of, erm, culture. It covers all sorts of entertainment, from pop music to horror films. All sorts of goodness on offer here.

Consequence of Sound

Although this might sound like it’s predominantly a music website, Consequence of Sound actually covers a wide range of bits and bobs, sharing some fantastic movie content too.

The Escapist

The Escapist covers all sorts, from movies and video games to TV shows and even science & tech-related content. There are also some really active forums if you want to go and get your geeky debate on.


We absolutely love NewsThump and its satirical take on the news. It sends up absolutely everything from politics to sports and is also spot on with its tongue-in-cheek take on the news.

Flickering Myth

Movies may be the main focus of Flickering Myth, but there’s all sorts of other entertainment news on there as well, particularly around TV shows and video games.

Tom & Lorenzo

This great site mixes entertainment news, such as movie reviews, with a heavy focus on fashion and what everyone’s wearing at the various red carpet events and award shows around the globe.

The A.V. Club

An absolute Aladdin’s cave of entertainment news, views and reviews. You could get lost for hours on here and still not scratch the surface of what there is to offer.


Live For Films

Live for films is update regularly with plenty of great film content. As well as lots of well-written reviews, there are some fantastic interviews with some big names, along with articles around comics and artwork, too.

Blazing Minds

A great site for movie news and reviews that has a real personal feel to it. The site also covers local (North Wales) and national theatre and films events, so could be a good one to fill up your calendar for the coming year.

Back to the Movies

As well as your usual movie news, Back to the Movies also features loads of reviews and features about films you may not have heard of, ideal for unearthing some hidden gems and indie films.

Movie Marker

Movie Marker is a fantastic film blog, with a wide range of articles, reviews and features. It also does video reviews of the latest releases if you’d rather listen to your film content instead of read it! The site also runs some great competitions if you want to try and grab yourself some free stuff.


There is a whole host of great content over at Flixchatter, including movie reviews, interviews with all sorts of industry people and plenty of other fun content. The site also has a great community around it where you can find other blogs and bloggers.


If you want to know what you should be watching right now, then CineVue is the place to go. It’s absolutely jam-packed with reviews of the latest films and DVD releases, as well as some fascinating interviews with some of Hollywood’s finest.

And So It Begins…

There are few people I’ve come across on the internet as knowledgable about movies as Alex from And So It Begins…. The blog has loads of great content about a wide variety of films, from your blockbusters to you foreign arthouse flicks.

Cinematic Corner

If you want impassioned and opinionated film talk with a wonderfully striking design, then Cinematic Corner is your place. There’s a great community over there and the cinematic parallels that Margaret produces are fantastic.

The Moviejerk

Another great looking site, The Moviejerk has some fantastically written reviews by someone who clearly knows their cinema. There’s a great range of reviews on there, too, so if you fancy watching something different, this blog could help you find something.

New On Netflix UK

If you’re a Netflix UK user, then this website is absolutely essential. It does pretty much what it says on the tin and let’s you know what films are new to the UK version of Netflix. Why Netflix itself doesn’t offer a service as good as this is a mystery. Also worth following on Twitter to find out what films are expiring soon.


As well as your great range of movie reviews, FilmFixx also has loads of other great film-related content, including film festival news and technology/product focuses to help improve our film watching habits.


Robbie Collin

Scott Jordan Harris

Guy Lodge

Scott Weinberg

Peter Bradshaw

Movie Podcasts


How Did This Get Made?

Cinema Swirl

Modern Myth Media

F This Movie



Happy has absolutely loads of content about a wide range of musical genres. It has plenty of news, reviews and interviews, as well as a gig guide and the ability to submit your own music.


According to the site, Earmilk “straddles the line between underground and mainstream” and it really does cover a huge amount of artists and genres. Well worth a read if you’re on the lookout for the new music.

Alter The Press!

From cheesy pop music to punk rock, Alter The Press! has got you covered. It’s a great site to find your up-to-date music news, with everything from new tour dates to the latest album reviews.

Blue Walrus

The oddly title Blue Walrus focuses largely on indie, electronica and folk music, so if you want something a little different, this could be the place to start. Some great articles spotlighting new and upcoming artists.

We Plug Good Music

The idea behind We Plug Good Music is pretty obvious! It describes itself as a world music blog and covers everything from the big new music releases to the lesser known artists.

Sounds Good To Me

We wish Sounds Good To Me was updated more regularly because the content on there is great, highlighting some fantastic new music, as well as offering some insightful opinion about various musical matters.

The Wild Honey Pie

Covering everything from the big new albums to small bands just trying to make their way in the music world, The Wild Honey Pie is a great place for discovering all sorts of music. It also has some fun list-based posts to mix it up a bit.


There are few music websites we came across that have such a wide range of content than HYPETRAK. From up and coming EPs to the latest music equipment, this site has something for pretty much everyone.

Gorilla vs. Bear

We don’t really know where the name came from, but what we do know is that Gorilla vs. Bear has some fantastic content, covering a wide variety of genres and showcasing some brilliant new artists.

Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle has some great blogs to read, but the really great thing about the site is that it creates indie playlists for you so you can easily discover new music, whilst mixing in some well-known tunes as well.


Jill Mapes

Laura Snapes

Matt Wilkinson

Mike Williams

Cher – just because she’s hilarious

Music Podcasts

Turned Out A Punk

Song Exploder

Distraction Pieces

Desert Island Discs

All Songs Considered



Gamasutra is a gaming blog with a bit of a difference in that it focuses largely around the game developer community, looking at the ‘art and business of making games’. If you’re interested in making games, this is a great site to check out.

Pure Nintendo

Nintendo holds a special place in many gamers’ hearts, and if that sounds like you then definitely check out Pure Nintendo. Loads of great Nintendo-focused content, including news, reviews and what the gang have been playing that week.

Giant Bomb

There’s absolutely loads of brilliant content over at Giant Bomb, covering all sorts of different angles of the computer games industry. They also have a fantastic community over there if you fancy mixing with other gamers.

Odd Gamers

A wide range of gaming news, meaning there’s something for pretty much everyone.

That VideoGame Blog

There are all sorts of great computer game reviews over on That VideoGame Blog, covering every platform, along with plenty of industry news on the big games and the smaller indies.

VG 24/7

VG 24/7 is one of the larger sites on this list, but if you aren’t aware of it, then it’s one that’s well worth checking out. There is a huge range of great content across all platforms, covering a wide selection of games. The site looks pretty swanky, too!

Pocket Gamer

Gaming isn’t just on consoles anymore. So many of us play games on our phones, tablets and even watches, and Pocket Gamer is the perfect site to read about those games we play on the go.


It might not be updated as often as we’d like but PushStartPlay still has some great content and is well worth a read. It also has video reviews on a range of games if that’s your preferred medium.

Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy is a really nice looking computer game blog with a wide range of really engaging industry content. That’s the long and short of it – go have a look if you don’t believe us!

PC Invasion

If your prefer your gaming on PC rather than console, then PC Invasion is a great website to check out, with all sorts of news, reviews and articles dedicated to PC gaming. #PCMasterRace.

Citizen Game

Probably the best named site on the list, Citizen Game is a site dedicated to the UK and Ireland gaming community. Some great reviews on there as well as other cool features and articles.


Greg Miller

Keza MacDonald

Rob Pearson

Mark Brown

Marty Sliva

Video Game Podcasts

PS I Love You xoxo

Idle Thumbs

One Life Left

The Co-Optional Podcast



The Big Bang Theory fan site

Probably the most comprehensive Big Bang Theory website on the internet, with loads of great content, including a very thorough episode guide, best quotes and character profiles.

The TV Addict

If you’re someone who consumes TV from all angles, then The TV Addict will help you keep track of what’s going on across a wide variety of TV shows so you know what’s going on, what’s coming out and who’s starring in what.

TV Worth Watching

This is an incredibly thorough site, not just covering boxsets but also regular TV programming. It’s largely US focused, but it will give you an idea of what’s on and inspire you to check out some new shows.

Winter Is Coming

For Game of Thrones fans, Winter Is Coming is an essential site to check out. It has news from the show, as well as info about what the cast are up to, feature articles, behind-the-scenes shots, and more.


Another fantastic site covering the behemoth that is Game of Thrones. Westeros.org covers various areas of the GoT and A Song of Ice & Fire universe, and you can really lose yourself inside the site, whether you’re a book reader or show watcher.

Dead Homer Society

Few shows have churned out as many episodes as The Simpsons so it’s difficult to keep track of it all but Dead Homer Society does a pretty good job. It has a great Quote of the Day feature, as well as episode previews, reviews and opinion pieces.

The Walking Dead Fan Site

The Walking Dead is still going and still has a very impassioned fan base following Rick and the gang around from one drama to the next. Eager to check out some fan theories, episode previews and reviews? This is the site for you.

OITNB Beyond Litchfield

Orange is the New Black took the world by storm when it first appeared exclusively on Netflix, and if you’re eager to get your fix of Litchfield gossip, then this website is fantastic. It features exclusive cast interviews, photoshoots of the actors, and plenty more.

The Doctor Who Site

There is always a huge amount to talk about regarding Doctor Who, and this site does a great job of covering a lot if it. It talks in depth about the new episodes, but also has a lot about the history of the programme, as well as info about the various spinoffs.

The X Files Source

With The X Files about to make a very welcome return, we thought we best put a fan site on the list to get people in the mood. This blog has details about all of the past episodes as well as focusing on the new mini-series at the moment.


Yep, a Transformers fan site! We could have put this anywhere on the list really, as it covers just about every aspect of the Transformers universe including films, toys, comic, and more, but we fondly remember watching the cartoon as kids, so it’s on the TV show list. This site will bring the nostalgia big time.


Simpsons Quote of the Day

Political Partridge

Elio & Linda (Westeros.org)

Andrew Ellard

Rob Delaney

TV Show Podcasts

Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan

Go Bayside – yes, a Saved By The Bell podcast

The X Files Files

Game of Owns

So there we have it – quite a comprehensive list that we hope provides you with plenty of reading, watching and listening. However, if you think we’ve missed your site or an entertainment blog you love, do let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

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