Banksy Wall Art

Banksy wall art
Buy your own Banksy stencils! At, we now offer Banksy wall decal stickers, the superior alternative to all the Banksy canvas art out there. With our Banksy wall decals, it's almost like having your own original Banksy piece in your home. Why have a Banksy canvas when you can have the real thing (almost)?! Our collection includes a choice selection some of his best work, and we've carefully designed each one to be as close to the original stencil as possible, whilst making sure getting them on your wall is as easy as possible.
Banksy wall stickers for interiors with attitude
Banksy wall decals are just big vinyl stickers and are easily applied, although you may need to take your time. Their durability and fade-resistance means they will last for years, but they are also easily removed. This makes them ideal either as a piece of permanent wall art for your home, or as temporary feature in a rented house or apartment.

More about Banksy
Considered the invisible man of graffiti, his street art was born out of the Bristol underground scene and his stencil style is said to be inspired by French graf artist Blek Le Rat. However, Banksy also claimed to have changed his graf style to stencilling when hiding from the police under a train carriage, noticing the stencilled serial number. Using stencils meant he could complete pieces far more quickly, and on a much larger scale, helping him earn his reputation as the world's foremost guerrilla artist.