Slogan Hoods and Sweats

Say it with a slogan hoodie or sweatshirt! Your outerwear shouldn’t just be all about keeping you warm. It shouldn’t even be just about making you look good (although it should do that too). Your chest has valuable space to make a statement, you can use it to announce something about your beliefs, values or political leanings; or you can display a funny statement to make everyone around you laugh!

There is power in a slogan. You don’t need to know someone or engage them in order for them to see and read the slogan you proudly display on your chest. Maybe you want to show some love for a favourite band by having a quote from one of their songs (see our ‘You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ sweatshirt etc), or you’d like to just spread some positivity (Don’t Worry Be Happy). There’s so much you can do with the billboard that is your torso!

For the musicians among us we have our range of ‘Vocalist’, ‘Guitarist’, ‘Bassist’ and ‘Drummer’ slogan sweats so even when you’re off stage people will know you rock. And for those who sometimes just want to say to the world ‘F**K YOU I’M A UNICORN’, we have you covered too.

For the anime fan we have relatively obscure quotations that only other anime fans will recognise. For the peace lovers among you we have great slogans quoted from the legendary John Lennon or if you’d rather let the world know of the joys of listening to black metal then you can do that too.

Don’t see the slogan you’re looking for? Let us know! We’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest slogans that we can add to our ever-expanding range and if we like yours we’ll get it added to the range.