6 Top Gun Lines You Can Use In Your Everyday Conversations

6 Top Gun Lines You Can Use In Your Everyday Conversations 8Ball

It’s been 34 years since Top Gun was shown on the big screen, and now, it has returned with Top Gun: Maverick. The much-anticipated blockbuster film will definitely reach meme status and be the butt of a few jokes. Nevertheless, it’s a classic that is worth watching. In light of the new Top Gun film, here are some of the best lines you can use from the first installment: 

1. “Talk to me, Goose.”

Why don’t you respond to everything with this line? This is definitely a Top Gun line that you can use every day. And chances are, it will flow naturally in many conversations that you will have. 

2. “The plaque for alternates is down in the ladies’ room”

This one is another great line to use because it gets the point across clearly. It only means there are no trophies for second place. And all you need to do is give it your best shot. 

3. “I have a need for speed.”

This line is great because it completes the famous line: “I feel the need…the need for speed.” All you need to do is add the right inflection and you can use both lines in any conversation. When you do, you’re sure to get a good laugh. 

4. “We’re not authorised for that aircraft.”

This line is great because it is a straightforward statement that also conveys a sense of urgency. It can be used on various occasions, for instance, when you realise you have not done all you can for the day. So you would use it to make sure you accomplish the rest. It’s an excellent line to use to complete a sentence. 

5. "Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full"

This line is from the first Top Gun film. One of the characters makes a statement when he overhears two pilots talking about their chase for a plane. In essence, the line works well because it is a caution that you need to be careful and not rush into things. When you tell people that you are backing off because there are too many people, you will be able to influence them to move on. You can also use it to change your plans when you realise you have too many things to do. You can just tell people that you are overwhelmed and need to focus on something else.

6. “You know what I need? I need a wingman.”

This is a great line because it is a statement that goes well with most circumstances. Even when you are joking with your friend, you can tell them that you are doing something that’s going to require a wingman. Then, you can blame them if you fail. It’s a great line because it is a statement that will make you think about your plans. It will also crack up your friend in the process.

Unleash the Top Gun Fan in You

These lines are perfect for those who are looking for a missing piece of their conversation. So the next time you are having a conversation and don’t know how to complete an expression, use one of these lines. You will definitely get a one-way ticket to a good conversation.

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